PowerWash Pals: MatPat from Game Theory

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I sit down and have a lengthy wash n’ chat (for the first time I might add) with MatPat from Game Theory (and Film Theory (and Food Theory)).


  1. I love Mark’s attitude towards change and endings/new beginnings. Just the way he’s thoughtful of the loss, but so much more optimistic about the possibilities.

  2. I would enjoy if they both did a slender video on both of their channel. 😁

  3. WWF and WWE are the same thing, World Wildlife Foundation sued WWF and forced them to change thir name

  4. when it comes to creative demand and how you would tackle it there is one person I can think of that comes to mind

  5. Should have asked him about his theft of “theories” from other people and pretending like he came up with them himself, EVEN when people confront him with proof that he took stuff WORD FOR WORD.

  6. Just two guys having some good fun cleaning.

  7. Unintentionally_ Edgy

    1:33:08 well FUCK theres my cardio for today, i was across the room listening and heard that noise and got legitimately scared

  8. Just 2 guys and they’re having a good time.

    *Lonely island reference*

  9. Please play Dead Space remaster!

  10. Palwerwash?

  11. “how do you stay sane” me, who’s watched all of the old fnaf theories, knowing full well he has not

  12. I Love The PowerWash Pals <3

  13. Mark Idk if you’ll ever see this, but I’m going to make you the muffin you described for you, and when I do I’ll make you a video of making it. When I do finish it I’ll add the link to this comment.

  14. MatPat I love that you go rock climbing with your son! My father, sister and I go rock climbing together every week!

  15. A video and encounter I think many people have been waiting for. Two YouTube legends just working each other’s brains.

  16. 1:45:00 Fun Fact: WWF was the original name of WWE before a lawsuit cause them to change the name

  17. I like this series a lot.
    It was great idea 🙂

  18. This literally brought me to tears, just hearing these two men talk about their love of creation and for this platform. I love them both so much

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