PowerWash Pals: JackSepticEye

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Sean joins me for a lovely PowerWash Simulator session where we talk about YouTube, being a creator, and future of content on the internet!
JackSepticEye ► https://open.spotify.com/show/2X40qLyoj1wQ2qE5FVpA7x


  1. I’m more of a YouTube person, I am a creator on tik-tok but I still don’t go on tik-tok that much

  2. i wouldnt jump off a cliff if you told me to… id have created a nice restaurant below the cliff for the people to jump to.

  3. i think it is a lot harder to connect with people on tiktok because with short videos people often have a play that is easy to stick to but on youtube like for example in this video we can see mark and jack mess around mid-conversation. youtube lets you see more than the first face.

  4. i just find it funny that on JackSepticEye’ link in Markiplier’s discription it has a link for Distractible xD

  5. Haha mark sounds like my friend who absolutely loooves biking. She convinced me to get into ebikes and it’s definitely something I’d get if I didn’t live in the valley lol

  6. 34:43 I wish i heard this advice 2 years ago, i never wore a bike helmet and i was fine nothing ever happened to me. and then one day i got hit by a car on my way to school and i hit my head hard and i got really lucky because i only had a hairline fracture. but seriously tho please wear your helmets when biking, you may get people saying you dont look cool but that doesn’t matter, being alive is more important then looking cool

  7. I build legos when i watch YouTube most of the time, so when I heard Jack start talking about legos, I thought “ ah yes, another great soul.”

  8. My parents never taught me how to ride a bike… F

  9. I wouldn’t follow you over a cliff because I’m brainwashed it’s because I’m suicidal lmao

  10. LittleMissGrumpy

    About the connecting with Tiktok creators. I only follow niche topics on Tiktok and I do feel like I’m able to connect with certain people over their livestreams. Because they do lives and then it’s just under 100 people there which makes it cozy enough to be able to talk to them. So I feel like it depends on the size of the audience on there.

  11. I honestly admire how Jack and Mark can just sit and play a game while talking, it warms my heart to much

  12. Yeah, sometimes you’re whack. XD (46:28)

  13. i find myself interacting more with twitch streamers like Jerma in chat’s because i think so much of where he pulls jokes from incorporates his chat, so people almost wanna be in on the joke and be a part of who he is there more

  14. I don’t have a TikTok account. I usually just watch YouTube for videogames and reactions and Netflix or Hulu for movies, shows, anime, etc

  15. Markiplier! I was playng Fnaf 6 pizzeria simulatir abd on candy cabot i suddenly got something i was not expectin i got a story from the candy robot abd aftee that i got 6397 points yiu should try candy catot and bring Fnaf 6 back

  16. in tik tok, it is possible to personally connect to a creator through commenting, several comments on big post can get up to 60k likes and the creator can comment back at that remark or make another tik tok about the comment. I personally have had several creators comment on my comments and give me their opinion on my remark. it could just be me telling them good job or a joke about the video they posted but either way that comment makes me have a closer more personal connection with said creator. hope this helps and if you read this mark thank you for the past 9 years of my life, love you man

  17. sure it’s extremely difficult to have that personal connection with other users on tiktok- but in the sense that i’ve curated my own foryou page, i connect with people who have similar interests. i’m extremely into a niche fashion (EGL), and therefore i look up to youtubers or tiktokers like LovelyLor. I’m able to take in their worldviews (and be disappointed in certain decisions) that I do feel some kind of connection.

  18. SuperAwesomeAlana

    Well, I am more of a Youtube person I do feel through the shorts and etc… it feels impossible to emotionally connect with a creator, there is like 5 seconds of a quick laugh or a sad dog and that can make me feel, but only barely. though for like you guys we can have 20m together or even 2 hours and that’s if it’s only one video. I’ve cried with you guys I’ve laughed with you. and that makes you more than just a meme to me or a character on a show. You are a person to me, a friend I would even say. I came for the video but I stayed for you. and I know I’m just a number on a screen I’m just a comment into the void but remember you are so much more to me! I hope someday to be that to someone too! to make them feel like you did for me. you were the ones who inspired me to create and I hope someday to make you happy as you made me!!

  19. Neeeeeeeedddddddd morreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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