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  1. I’ve missed you

  2. One hour he said Kappa

  3. You wanna explain that background footage?

  4. I had a couple brainfarts here and said the wrong team / player, my apologies. We will be doing Hotline League later tonight at twitch.tv/sotltravis

  5. I put tl 4th because they shit the bed more then a new born baby.

  6. Toxic1 on the background 😀

    Happy to see you so often with the Offline guys 😀

  7. Tyler1 in the background lol

  8. I love you mark

  9. lol this was filmed like 3 hours ago

  10. This is all I ever wanted from you Mark <3

    Regarding the video's subject, your rankings are actually really similar to mine, except that I have OpTic and FlyQuest swapped around.

  11. I think you are way undervaluing echo fox. I honestly would put them top 4 easily. I just think the new c9 is going to be shit, and clg will most likely have shot caller issues most of the season. In all honesty I think echo fox could potentially be the most talented roster on this list second to maybe liquid, idk putting them 7th just seems way underestimating them

  12. Yo Mark what do you think of nobody picking up Froggen? Seems super weird to me.

  13. Ayeeee he is back let’s gooo

  14. I need a new team to be a fan of. Was a fan of immortals since day 1 and now they are cut from the league.

    What Teams are you guys fans of and why? (plz no tsm)

  15. I have this weird feeling TSM is going to have a rough season.

  16. Closed the video as soon as i saw TSM as the number one

  17. I think new CLG is going to be absolute shit, They are losing their main shotcaller and the player that gave them their identity.

  18. Never start at the top my friend, Amateur move.

    Also FlyQuest is by far the worst team

  19. Honestly 100 thieves roster looks nasty. I think if they click they could be top 3

  20. Im sorry but sneaky, smoothie & jensen are the reasons C9 is good they will be the best team NA this season

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