Pokemon vs Fallout! Who’s Getting PAID?| The SCIENCE of… Video Game Millionaires

You wanted to know gamin’s richest character and Austin is BACK to figure it out! Is a Pokemon Master richer than the Sims? Could Geralt from The Witch buy out all of Skyrim? That is the economic mystery we aim to figure out today!

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  1. Austin: “I promise, the video will be released before 2019 ends ”
    Also Austin: **Sets upload for 2359 on December 31, 2019.**

    Looking forward to it buddy! 😀

  2. One month ago: Why is Austin going on and on about Adam Smith on Twitter?

    Today: Oh.

  3. *kills werewolf*
    Merchant: “Most I can offer is $89…”

  4. Meanwhile in 2030:
    Austin: alright I’ve decided to finally return to the richest characters in videogames series, but last time I did it wrong so I’ll have to redo all the characters I already did.

    • @Magnus Error He isn’t comparing the worth of lemons though. That’s the point of this video is to get away from comparing the worth of items. Instead he is comparing the worth of time.

      A year’s worth of work in the US is still going to be a year’s worth of work in a developing country. By creating a conversion between how many lemons a person can produce and how much they would be paid for the same amount of time spent in the US he can completely bypass the need to convert between currency and economic structures to find how much their product would be worth in US currency. Then he just needs to find out how much of this product the protagonist could buy with the money they could grind in their lifetime which then tells him how much money the protagonist would have in US currency.

      I think his math is fair for what he is trying to achieve.

    • @vang-tou Lee He could boil it down, explaining how each fictional settings currencies work. From there he would be able to compare the settings currencies to the US dollar, as he did. The key difference is using lore information to describe the wealth of the individual. As well as account for inflation. Inflation is actually important as its brought up both in the elder scrolls and fallout. So infinite generation of either septims or caps would lead to an inverse wealth over time.

      Several times in the witcher lore, we hear how little crowns people have. Even after saving. Same can be said for elder scrolls, and fallout. The worth of a cap for instance isnt well defined, as region alone changes its value. As well as faction. The legion has little use for caps, the ncr is more dependent on outer regions but prefers to have an in house economic system. Which devalues caps in those areas, for someone who never leaves the big ncr cities the ncr currency is worth more.

      This brings up another issue, where is this wealth worth. Like in fallout, you could have all the caps in the world. But if the legion owns the area than its not worth anything. So if your talking about overall wealth in that fictional setting. We would need to define what is most valuable overall. My friend back in like 2013 tried to get an overall value on caps but hard a hard time . He did get a few figures. All right in there own right. Ill see if he still has the figures on it all.

    • 13:50 our say

    • Pauline looking 13:50

  5. When you know the person and the book provided in these theories, it I when you know you have grown up.

  6. When you wait to watch game theory to study, and miss a question on the test about Adam Smith and mercantilism…

  7. What Nerds Do On Their Free Time

    “I PROMISE to do the finale before 2019 is over”
    *Just barely gets it in in time to watch the New Years fireworks*

  8. Richest is gonna be the animal crossing person. Or Scrooge McDuck.

  9. Austin: “The value of things depends on the effort needed to create it”
    School of Salamanca, Austrian Economy School, and everyone who knows anything about subjective value: “Hold my beer”.

    • CommunistCactus / KronosReeper

      A better way of putting it is the average effort by society.

    • Luciana Tavares Prado

      Lol. As a economist I would say the majority of the economic schools today, subjective valor is a fundamental point that build all the ideas and conclusions.

    • рома иванов

      They all garbage that made to justify continued existence of capitalism and new pro-corporate laws by corrupt politicans of the world, Austin wouldnt redo all this stuff again but with ВШЭ or ASE in mind

    • рома иванов comunism doesn’t work.

    • @рома иванов Trade exists absent currency and states
      Capitalism is a natural evolution of natural trade
      Feudalism is disturbingly similar
      Neither is desirable
      That does not make the attempts to understand the systems which form a waste of time nor responsible for the existence of those natural systems

  10. “What if we just hoard all of it?”


    • απεριόριστο μυαλό

      Mercantilism is a trade policy where the nation seeks to import as little as possible from other nations and export as much as possible. It’s not hoarding money.

    • Aaron John Cuestas

      @απεριόριστο μυαλό I my friend is a fellow smartass but sometimes if somebody just make a joke about something that you know about, like this one *just go with it* its not bad to inform people but sometimes its quite annoying…so next time just have fun!
      Not a hate comment <3

    • απεριόριστο μυαλό

      @Aaron John Cuestas nah, i’ll let you all know if you use a term like that incorrectly.

    • Did anyone here had to study Adam Smith law of economics in there field of education??

    • Matpat make fortnite theory about the visitor about the video tapes he makes plzzzzzzz

  11. You know you read a lot of fanfiction when u hear 131k words and think, “oh, that’s not that long.”

  12. “-Using the most powerful currency of them all, EGGS!”
    *Screams in HowToBasic*

  13. I finally understand the phrase, “Money is time, and time is money”

  14. “The Much Anticipated Sequel”
    Hmm you sure bout that

  15. “Let’s get this bread.”
    Or more appropriately…


  16. “stop quoting”

    – this isn’t a quote

  17. * sees google documents*

    “Oh no”

    -me 2019

  18. Me: sees MHW clips.
    Also me: Don’t do that, don’t give me hope.


    – me

  20. “Let’s get this bread”

    These characters: Why would I need to get the bread when I own the mill?

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