Pokémon Sword & Shield Is Officially BAD Now!

This “National Dex” thing was a controversy before, but now it’s a demonstrable crime. The lack of Ekans in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield means the problem now directly affects me. ME! This will not do.

Ekans is the best Pokémon, this much is true. It’s a demonstrable fact. Game Freak and Nintendo are proving clear ignorance with this glaring, despicable omission. Ekans is Snake Backwards, and we don’t need another game with Pikachu in it. Ever.

We need all Ekans. All the time. Forever.

Pokémon Sword & Shield is a BAD videogame now!

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Source: https://www.polygon.com/2019/11/4/20947933/pokemon-sword-shield-full-pokedex-cut-pokemon-nintendo-switch-game-freak


  1. The sarcasm levels are strong with this one.

  2. This reminds me quite a lot of what they DID to Jiang He.

  3. no lie, this was me learning how many of my favorites aren’t in the game

  4. “I didn’t care about this, UNTIL IT AFFECTED ME!!!” -Jim Sterling 2019
    No truer words Jim my boy.

  5. You’re right. The lack of Absol is insulting, Jim.

  6. The only problem with Jim Sterling is, you can never tell if he’s being over the top Sarcastic, or comedically vindictive until you watch it. Both where possible with this episode.

  7. Youtube going bonkers with these childrens recommendations its giving me, why the hell do i wanna watch peppa pigs snippets when ive already ran through the show 3 times

  8. I knew there was gonna be some issues when the list was finally released but the greatest sin is the Charizard milking…. I would have been okay with just Kanto starters appearing but…. JUST Charizard?

  9. Can’t wait till they sell us back Pokémon that are missing as DLC.

  10. “Here’s a Pokemon that’s shaped like an apple.”


    “Here’s a TV that’s shaped like a Pokemon.”

  11. “Gotta Catch About Half Of ‘Em!”
    Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

  12. * _sees that Fennekin isn’t in Sword & Shield_ *
    *Me:* Excuse me, I’m gonna go burn all of my Pokemon games and merch because GAMEFREAK HAS BETRAYED US!!!!

  13. “Here’s a Pokémon that looks like an apple.”

  14. YourPrivateNightmare

    I mean…we did get the three Kanto starters:
    Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard

    also, Ekans is cool and all, but they also took out ZUBAT. You can’t have a Pokemon game without Zubat. They tried that once in B&W and everyone hated it.

  15. “Pokesneks” – Fund it.

  16. “This is a criminal crime”- Jim sterling

  17. “Ekans isn’t coming back” Moments before I watched this video, I had discovered my snake escaped…

    Edit: update, found her. Her name was Churro, but seeing as she’s escaped 3 different times now, I’ve changed her name to Houdini.

  18. “Definitely not probably. Maybe.”

    Also, no love for Seviper?

  19. I can’t get my ekans lickitunged.
    This is the worst poke game ever.

  20. NotRealName NotAtAll

    “Wow! This brand new Switch game has half of the Pokemon of the 3DS games!”
    …Said nobody ever. I mean, it would be easier if the new Pokemon were really good, but a lot of them are really uninspired.

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