Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass—Announcement Trailer

The Wild Area was only the beginning.

Forge a brand-new path to greatness with the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass! Coming by the end of June 2020 and later in 2020.


  1. Remember when they cut off the final statement in the stream and repeated the same footage multiple times? ???

    • @Neo in the ending credits for the sword and shield games for a second you can see a mouse cursor on the screen. It’s was a very big mistake I was shocked when I noticed it.

    • @Ronen Shulton hrm…..you actually sat thru that…..i walked away and made dinner

    • @John Gugenheimer I did watch it. It’s not really that long. I only realized the mouse cursor through another YouTube video.

    • it’s actually really hard to notice, i only noticed it the fifth time i watched the credits

    • @Ronen Shulton It happened in the opening cutscene as well, as with dozens of times being retroactively found in trailers.

  2. Rillaboom: I AM the band!!!

    Cinderace: Cruel Sun!

    Inteleon: *camping intensifies*

  3. Elite Gaming Force 10

    Nintendo: there are so many more clothing options
    Me (who bought every piece of clothing):*Triggered*

  4. mauricio hercules

    Zappos: Hey mom!!! I’m a chocobo now lol

  5. National Dex: ight imma boutta head *in*

    • Velk uh….no!? They made promises then Reneged on there word…and you want everyone to effectively forget that an just rollover..look maybe your a pushover an that fine I guess it’s your choice live your life but telling us we got to be pushovers to ain’t it chief

    • SteterFan exactly

    • @Samkuso 787 I can trade Pokemon from Ultra Moon over Shield thru Pokemon home?

    • @Brickx 410
      Yes, you can. All returning pokemon will be able to be transfered via Poke Home from previous games. All NEW pokemon can be traded for. The $30 is for BOTH dlc expansions as one package, and it unlocks the new locations with their respective wild areas and stories.

      There is no need to purchase the dlc to get the new and returning pokemon.

      As for it being “scummy business”, I don’t know about you all, but personally I’d rather pay $30 and almost double the size of the game and transfer my old pokemon up, then pay $60 for a new game I gotta start from scratch from.

      Call it “cut content” all you want idc, we had the same formula for 20 years and it’s nice to see a change of pace and seeing us able to Grow and Explore.

    • @Titan Tasorin Liar Pokemon Home comes out next month Feb 2020.

  6. The fact you can have Ghetsis’s visor in this expansion is… something

  7. COPPA: Hey, this video have content for kids.
    GF: Inteleon wields a sniper
    COPPA: Nevermind.

  8. The legendary for *The Crown Tundra* looks like something straight out of *Courage the Cowardly Dog*

  9. 【Loli Chief, Rose】【ロリチーフ】

    *I see Regis?*
    *M Y B O D Y I S R E A D Y*

  10. Why I’m a here :/

    Garchomp in Sword And Shield?

    You know what that means

    Cynthia: “Time to face the champion”

    The Player: *chuckles* I’m in danger

  11. Im a smol potato Owo

    Other 2: not anymore

  12. Random guy: “Look out, honey, he has a gun.”
    Gigantamax Inteleon: “Wha—no, no I don’t.”

  13. Me: SwSh was kind of short. But oh well it was still fun.

    Game freak: *laughs*

  14. ՏԹɑɾՏհ ʍɑցɑɾ

    Mom: Why are you laughing?

    Me: Nothing

    My brain: hehe *MUSTARD SHIFU*

  15. Inteleon has the high ground and a gun that’s my boi

  16. Moltres: emo birb
    Articuno: L A Z E R B E A M!!!!!
    Zapdos: meep meep

  17. Moltres and Arrticuno: Hey look how cool we look!
    Zapdos: *Laughs in terror bird*

  18. You know I remember when games had full releases….

    • This is a replacement for a 3rd game, meaning it’s actually cheaper, imagine buying Pokemon Sun and having a 30 dollar Ultra Sun DLC instead of paying 60 dollars for it.

    • @Ross Whitehead Ultra Sumo was one of the worst pkmn games ever just cus it was a copy and paste

  19. Giga Rillabom:”LET THE WORLD HEAR OUR SONG”
    Giga Cinderace:”THIS IS OUR SUN,OUR VICTORY”

    Giga Inteleon: *”WAIT IM STILL RELOADING”*

  20. Garchomp: “gets added”
    Cynthia: hello there
    Us: “confused screaming”

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