Pokémon Presents | 6.24.2020

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  1. So, you guys know that they are now finding ways to get rid of dislikes, their were 160 dislikes, now its 130, what the hell

    • I gave them a dislike and screenshot it you know for receipts 🧾

    • powercheif same. I don’t care about this game at all,but I’m mad because the fans don’t want this.

    • There were probably quite a few bots considering not many people have gone back and put a new dislike. Hasn’t been too long, but still

    • Bradley Lucq Don’t generalize fans. Some fans whether you like it or not have actually wondered what a pokemon MOBA would be like. Just because you’re a fan of pokemon and you don’t like MOBAs, doesn’t mean every other fan won’t like this game.

      And jesus it’s not even out yet. There’s still likes for a reason and that’s because those people are mature enough to accept that you don’t get everything you expect in life :). (plus MOBA players in the East)

    • @Hiram Brown ok but do the fans want concentration camps, spying and the denial of basic human rights

  2. And just like that .. almost 50k dislikes has gone

  3. All they had to do was swap this with Snap and literally nobody would’ve cared, a week of hype for this? Plus that intro that would usually mean a big main series game. I understand why we’re all disappointed

    • Luna Plays Games

      TheLegendAX 99 yeah I thought this was going to be an announcement for a Silver and Gold remake for the switch and I was super excited for that.

    • I was thinking exactly the same. Their disconnect with the fanbase is pretty baffling

    • While i do agree that this should have been for a game like pokemon snap, expecting a big main series game was pretty stupid considering they haven’t even finished the crown of tundra dlc for SWSH

    • ​@Ciruela pasa excactly.
      2016 Sun&Moon, 2017 Ultra Sun&Moon, 2018 Lets Go, 2019Sword and Shild, 2020 The DLC in place of the Special Edition.
      for the last 20 years they never realesed 2 Main RPG`s (new Generation or Remake) in 1 year

      But up for TheLegendAX99 Post, my Personal call was Dedectiv Pikachu 2

  4. To ”The Official Pokémon YouTube channel”
    Don’t be scummy about your like to dislike ratio.
    this game is simply a huge flop.

    • The way they hyped it was bad, but the game seems very fun. It looks similar to league of legends, and I like that game, so I’m sure It’ll be a good game.

    • Burnt Pizza Bobby Newman same people are just petty they didn’t get remakes

    • enderpig the only reason to dislike it is the Tencent privacy issues with China. The other reasons we’ll see when the game is actually released. Too early to judge, but petty pokemon ‘fans’ are making it look bad.

    • This whole thing was literally just unite and we thought it was gonna be something big

    • The game isn’t a flop, the presentation of it was, because they gave us a week to speculate about what game it would be

  5. This is what happens when you sellout to Tencent.

  6. I would be shocked the dislikes are removed but it’s Tencent. Of course it’s shady.

  7. Who gets more entertainment by reading comments. 😂

  8. “Pokémon Unite”
    Now they’re uniting to delete dislikes……

  9. Pokemon: *Deletes Dislikes*
    Viewers: “I’ll f**king do it again”

    Edit: That first teammate threw me off guard, I thought that was Hitomi Tanaka

  10. Video: * Has hundreds of thousands of dislikes *

    Tencent manipulating the dislike ratio: “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.”

  11. I’m sorry Pokemon Company but You’re losing me as a fan. I know You are excited to get that sweet China money with this game but look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself – is more money really worth more than honor, reputation and respect? You make a lot of money from this franchise already.

    • Togedemaru's Iridescence

      Maybe the trailer is just bad and the game is really good.

    • I personally don’t get it, but for a lot of business people, the more money they have, the more money they want to make.

    • Togedemaru's Iridescence

      @Jared Gross When a company has more money, the general rule is that they simply invest more money in their projects. The Pokémon company is the exception to this rule, however. With the amount of money they have, you would think that they would be able to create masterpiece after masterpiece, but no, they keep pumping on the nostalgia pedals. And that somehow keeps their company rolling.

    • Togedemaru’s Iridescence the truth is that companies just want money. they will invest into projects that give them more money, like this one. that’s the way the world works. I don’t think this looks bad but it is disappointing that we didn’t get a main series game. but it makes sense considering they’re releasing SS DLC this year, so they’re focusing efforts to appeal to a large competitive community and the mobile market

  12. Who’s excited for next weeks announcement? POKÉMON: Battle Royale

  13. Oh look, the dislikes are getting deleted. And people wonder why it was getting disliked in the first place.

    • Only reason to hate it is the Tencent privacy issues with China. But LoL has that too. Other reasons we’ll see when the game is actually released. But petty pokemon ‘fans’ are making this look bad so early just because they didn’t get their candy.

    • @POTOMATO Imagine being this much of a Pokémon shill

  14. 1 reason for why I disliked…..Tencent. That’s all that really needs to be said.

  15. 7 hours before: 145k dislikes
    Now: 136k

  16. “Is this an early, out of season, April Fools joke?”

  17. Ishihara, blink twice if Tencent is holding a gun on you.

  18. you guys have to re-dislike this video, they deleted 40k dislikes

  19. Everyone. Please smash that dislike bouton. They removing dislike ? Let’s show them what our dissatisfaction is made of !

  20. Kesha- I lov3 S.ЕХ: * TAP_ON-MY P!C:*

    “Tencent” seems like an accurate description of what this game will be.

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