Pokémon Direct 1.9.2020

Tune in for roughly 20 minutes of new Pokémon information in a Pokémon Direct presentation.

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  1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team has such a special place in my heart. So much nostalgia with that game. I can’t wait to play the new DX!

  2. Really, 4kids censored that episode where ash gets a gun pointed at him and we straight up get pokemon with a sniper rifle…that’s awesome.

  3. Summary:

    Mystery dungeon
    Pokémon DLC

  4. Gmax cinderace is just escanor
    “Your darkness will swallow up my sun?”? “Who decided that?”

  5. Oh bet I get to by taught by
    M U S T A R D

  6. “Game footage is not final”
    It will look exactly the same.

    • It’ll look worse

    • @Rustycode89 I said “fanboys” for a reason. Read, brother, READ. And False advertising only works when advertising the final product, legally speaking. Like the back of the box when it releases.

    • @MisterHeroman Obviously it’s not entirely black and white however that website there explains how a game trailer could, and has been in the past, be considered as false advertising.

  7. Take a shot for every time they say anything like, “Pokémon not previously found in the Galar region.”

    • Jungle Dragon, Yharon

      @Nila Wright well to be fair, in other games you needed a pokemon bank account in order to transfer your mons between versions anyway, so the ones that are not in that particular game are technically behind a paywall to as since transfer would be the only way to get them and like I said you’d need a payed bank account to do that.

    • I think it’s sad that Game Freak has lied to us again

    • Jungle Dragon, Yharon

      @Nico Munoz what did they lie to us about?

    • @Overeactive DINKLEBURG!

    • @Jungle Dragon, Yharon They said they had no plans on bringing back cut mons back in SwSh, but now they present old mons coming back, less than 2 months after release

  8. Sinnoh remakes when??

    I think it’s Cool how you can mega evolve in mystery dungeon

  9. It’s starting to feel like Pokémon Advanced Generation: I’ve Begun Hiragana and Katakana is getting a remake before gen 4.

  10. How many guns do you want?
    G-Max Blastoise: *YES*

  11. I’ve read hundreds of comments and I don’t understand one of them.

  12. Xerneas: Who are you?

    Calyrex: I’m you but with a big brain

  13. Google Demonetization

    Dad: So what should we name this cute little guy?

    Mom: *Grabs his shoulder and leans in slowly** Mustard

    • Wait… Who gave birth to it? It seems like a whole story is in play here.

    • In spanish they called him “mostaz”, they removed one letter so its like if in english they called him “mustar”

    • Google Demonetization

      @Dog Bert The mom gave birth to it, and let the dad hold their baby while she’s in bed. When he asks what they should name their child she grabs his shoulder, (because he’s sitting in a chair next to her she can easily reach him) and whispered “Mustard” in his ear.

    • @Google Demonetization Sam


  14. how does one just announce mystery dungeon nonchalantly like that?
    i would’ve been like
    You Guys Aint MF Ready For The Next 20 Seconds Of This Video?

    • I actually laughed at just how chill their announcement was for something that was more exciting than everything else showed. (for me anyway)

  15. I guess they couldn’t make Pokemon Gun so they decided to do this

  16. People who completed the Pokédex: YES Finally complete!

    Game freak: Uno reverse card

  17. Pokemon: Sword, Shield, Armor, & Crown

    • Next we need wand or m a g i c m u s h r o o m s

    • *cries in n*

    • @Nareth Erakian Why? Is Scotland gonna cut of ties or something?

    • @Lego45pow ??? Well, last poll (or vote or what ever it’s called) some years ago about leaving the UK was pretty close to succeed. The reason for not doing so already was the difficulty of rejoining the EU afterwards, as leaving the UK would also count as leaving the EU. But due to obvious reasons, this is an unavoidable thing and therefor will not determine the outcome of the next try, which is also promoted by the “dominating” party in Scotland.
      If I had to guess, chances are basically 80% that Scotland will leave the UK in the (somewhat) near future.

    • watcher guy
      I guess Pokemon knight and Pokémon king was too on the nose…

  18. “Mystery Dungeon remake”
    AHH! After 1000 years I’m free! It’s time to conquer Earth

  19. 10. 000 subs with 0 videos

    . Inteleon’s G-Max is literally a sniper tower..

  20. Gmax Inteleon: *So anyway i started blasting*

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