Pocket Picks: Sneaky’s Jhin

Pocket Picks is a series where pro League of players share tips and tricks to help master their favorite champions. This episode features 9’s AD Carry Sneaky showing you how to take aim with his Pocket Pick, Jhin.

Main artwork by Bo Chen.


  1. Who is this cute lesbian?

  2. Galdramer Siegfred


  3. this new champion will be cancer like yasuo and would get a 100% ban ratio in ranked games

  4. Super boosted lee sin

    It’s not my birthday but can I get likes anyway?

  5. That artpiece is so awesome, didnt even know Jhin was a lesbian

  6. Adc in 2k17 LUL

  7. sneakys jhin pocket pick and gets 1 shot rofl’

  8. Jhin is the best champion in league of legends for me

  9. Will Kayn get Nerfed?

  10. Sneaky : officially the First Professional lesbian to pick Jhin

  11. love the thumbnail hah

  12. Sneaky’s teeth look like those of the annoying orange’s.

  13. Xayah the best adc!!!!! ;D

  14. “You dont want to use your W like, naked.” SneakyGasm WutFace

  15. Finally saw Jhins Face!!

  16. Filthy Jhin Main

    Riot has blessed us with this amazing champ

  17. Unpopular suggestion : Rekkles Kennen

  18. 1 Like=1 Ryze Rework 🙂

    32% cute lesbian”
    12% new champion”
    56% i rlly dont care actually.

  20. and how tight is her pussy?

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