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We play some more cuphead
That chair
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  2. How much does this game cost? Too lazy to check.

  3. ” this is the real tight one ” that’s what he said

  4. The english caption was HORRIBLE!

  5. Do Game journalist even play game as hobbies though, to me they only do it for money.

  6. That game looks awsome. Is it available on the wii? I want to play it.

  7. I have to disagree with you though… MOVIE CRITICS ARE NOT ANY BETTER. xD

  8. Do you think since the game is so popular it will have a toxic fan base like rick and morty and undertale?

  9. hey pewds im late but get ready for the run n gun p ratings ;] (beat the level without shooting once) Ps try and use invincibility and smokebomb ;]

  10. It’s not that fucking hard. These pansies obviously never played the mega man series in the late 80s. That shit would make you assault your little brother, it was so hard.

  11. Maybe it’s comes down the fact those journalists can’t take the perspective of a person who plays games for fun. You know, for them playing games is part of their job. Reviewing difficult games can be frustrating, because you have timelines and you have to experience reasonable chunk of the game to make a proper review. However, as a journalist you shouldn’t be writing your own personal diary – you should be able to see the bigger picture.

    I love Cuphead. I’ve beaten only a few levels so far. I suck at it. But you know what? I do not care. It doesn’t make any difference for me if I beat the game in two weeks or two years from now. If I’m not progressing at all and I feeling frustrated, I’ll just do something else.

  12. i just thought it was kinda hard
    went back through expert and man that was some good difficulty

  13. Wolveskrieg Feuersturm

    An an individual who grew up playing games like Megaman 2, and other “difficult” platformers by today’s standards, I find the game to, while present challenges no more extreme by that of some of the best NEW games.
    In essence it is bringing us back to the difficulty of Old School Games with extremely fantastic visuals.
    Much like Punch Out, there is a method to the madness in regards to the enemies and their attack system, understanding that which even oh so subtle
    I would enjoy watching these individuals attempting to play some of the earliest platforms.

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  15. These journalists are like parents that want every kid to get a metal. Everyone needs to feel successful. No need to work hard anymore

  16. Why would you want to skip a boss, the moment you defeat him you’ll feel so happy.. They just dont want to take the time and achieve something..

  17. Stop trying to distract us from the fact you dropped a “n” bomb smh lol jk love you pewds I have watched your content for years.

  18. Should i get cuphead im scared that its going to be too hard for me ?

  19. Remember, leftist hate competition. Meritocracy is what they work against. The reaction to Cuphead is in line with their behavioral patterns.

  20. Why does Felix care if the video is demonetized because he swears? He’s probably rolling in quid.

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