PLAYSTATION PS4 Exclusive Games Trailer (2018)


  1. First of all i fucking love this song

  2. Its because that I love Playstation

  3. I love you PS4!

  4. Joel B Antigua Arias


  5. Xbox where are you hiding? ?

  6. Didn’t anyone notice how they didn’t put Death Stranding in the trailer ? This means one of two things, either it will not be a Ps4 exclusive and will come out on other devices or it will be a Ps5 title .

  7. Spider-Man look amazing I can’t wait ?

  8. Rip xbox and swich

  9. Nolannilesthe Letter

    M rated Spiderman game? Damn

  10. Suck it Xbox!

  11. Original Left.Right_Twix

    Xbox suck

  12. TheBlackDragon 54

    Freaking love the PS4 so much freaking amazing exclusives like I’m very happy I switched over from the Xbox side back to the PlayStation side where I belong 🙂

  13. Great trailer.

    That said, will all you kids that can only afford one console calm down? I love my Xbone X. I also love my switch. I love gaming in general.

  14. Fergie Galeromeloe


  15. Damn PlayStation really going off this year, ey Xbox where ya at? Lmao

  16. Am I the only one who loved this video more because of BMTH? If I am o well lol but I fucking love this song and PS4. Just perfect

  17. XBOX FANS BE LIKE ‘Xbox had forza and It’s the best console ever created yeaaaayyyyhayahyyy’

  18. GOW and Spider-Man are gonna kill it and can someone tell me the name of the song,thx 🙂

  19. damn xbox wtf happen ?

  20. Xbox owner dislike this

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