PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – July 2020

The free games that come with PlayStation Plus membership for July 2020 are blockbuster sequel Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20 Year Anniversary, sports hit NBA 2K20, and cinematic narrative thriller Erica.

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  1. Ah NBA the online slot machine!

    • cheesesteakphilly

      Probably one of the worst games to make free for “10 years of PS Plus” considering it was for 2 or 3 dollars a few months ago.

      I felt it was more of a business move because basketball is returning next month.
      I probably won’t download it because it’s just a glorified roster update but I’ll be excited to play Tomb Raider.

    • PlayStation just isn’t on its game, Maybe they’re trying to get the PS5 out..

    • That’s basically fifa aswell

  2. For a 10 year anniversary this is so underwhelming.

  3. 10th anniversary and they give us this

    • AlanFrost115 my guy you’re overreacting lmao aside from May every month this year has been decent at least. I mean if you already bought the games ik it’s frustrating but that’s the price you gotta pay for wanting high quality games every month 🤷‍♂️

      You should probably take a look at Xbox’s gold lineup since January and compare it to PS. We have it 10x better lol

    • Xanz you know what people got for the 5th anniversary, rocket league, styx: master of shadows, mouse craft , entwined , rain and geometry war 3 and now 5yrs later they give us this. GTA is free on the epic game store coming free for ps 5 users they could put it on ps plus?

    • @Xanz yeah but generally xbox users get shafted more than ps plus users over the course of a year 👍

    • @Xanz I mean, with PS5 around the corner, I really did expect Sony to throw high quality games at us all year. Especially since it is the 10 year mark. So I get it when people complain and say its underwhelming, cuz it really is.
      Edit: But TR looks cool and I’m excited to play it.

    • @AlanFrost115 Bro last month games were firee

  4. I’m looking forward to Tomb Raider, as I had that in my wishlist for a long time but never bit the bullet on it. But I have little to no interest in the other two games.

  5. Emperor Palpatine

    I haven’t had luck with ps plus games for the past few months. Already have tomb raider and I don’t like nba

    • @NoBalzGaming When you contrast the service with the deluge of stuff you get with the XBox Game Pass these day, Sony are going to have to seriously step up their game if they want to compete.

    • @Afiq Amir tbh I only really buy CoD at release. I usually wait a while for AAA’s incase there’s any offers. BF2 disc version was a present so I didn’t buy that originally anyway.

    • @The Bombastic Beaver Man in gutted I missed Black Ops 3 when that was free. I have it on disc but my disc drive randomly ejects discs so I rarely risk it.

    • The Bombastic Beaver Man

      I think all we need is Celeste, Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, and we would be good on ps plus games. I’m honestly disappointed.

    • @Zois Antonopoulos Actually copies sold have a lot to do with it. Demographic factors are always apart of sales figures that’s business 101. A lot of black people buy 2k sure, but so do a lot of white people and so do a lot of Asains. They have an entire international division specifically gears at China and Spain.

  6. I’ve held off on buying Rise of the Tomb Raider for a year because of the deeply held belief that it was the perfect PS Plus game and I was gonna get it for free. Today my patience paid off

  7. In july, a casino game with basketball on the side is coming to PS Plus.

  8. Don’t like basketball, played ROTTR already, and Erica doesn’t look like my cup of tea.

    Eh. Guess there’s next month, I suppose.

  9. Brilliant, a gambling game!
    “For the kids”.

  10. Tomb Raider, interactive thriller and a casino? Cool.

  11. Imagine giving people a game that has a worse economy than free-to-play games for free. I’d have to be paid to play it, personally.

  12. The games are decent but they could’ve done way better for a 10 year anniversary.

  13. Morten Carstensen

    The Casino is open and free for everybody now come spend money on our slot machines or spin the wheel off fortune and ohh yes we also have some gameplay after all it is a game right 2k?

    • You guys are like sheep all just regurgitating the same lines lmao. You can play the game without spending any money on in game micro transactions you know. It just takes a little longer to level up.

  14. Love how NBA is free this month because noone bought it last month when they were selling it for £2 😂

  15. Definitely not playing 2K lmao but I’ll give tomb raider a shot

  16. NBA 2K20: Bleh
    Rise of the Tomb Raider: Perfect PS+ game
    Erica: Looks interesting

  17. “My Career, My League, My GM and My-crotransactions” – 2K20

  18. Be honest. EA sports games are soulless cash grabs that haven’t evolved in years. And sometimes are outright copies of the previous year’s game.

  19. The 10th anniversary is like being at Christmas and you get a single pair of stockings.

  20. Ajay Anand Venugopal

    “Huge sports Monster NBA 2K20” 😆. More like a huge slot machine

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