PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup April 2016

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PlayStation®Plus membership includes free games and online multiplayer on PS4™ systems.* In April, PS Plus membership includes Dead Star and Zombi. Visit!/en-us/become-a-member/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PSPLUSMEMBER?smcid=yt:psplus-gamelineup-022014 to learn more!

*Active membership required to access PS Plus features and benefits. PS Plus is available to legal U.S. and Canadian residents with a SEN account who are 18 years or older.


  1. I lost the count on the amount of indie space games.

  2. good games… this must be an april fools joke

  3. Inside information: In June Sony are giving away GTA5, Bloodborne and
    finally a choice of any other title on the PlayStation store.

  4. Why do i even pay 50 bucks a year?

  5. Is zombi a co op game?.

  6. MetalSonicGamerX200

    aint that the zombie game from Zombie U?

  7. and right when my ps+ membership ran out

  8. zombi u is better on the wii u

  9. Xbox totally crushed ps this time. I think I’ll get xbox live this month

  10. Another month of bs

  11. Tommi Collins-Kinder

    My Plus expires tomorrow, thanks for making my decision to not renew it
    that much easier.

  12. Does anybody remember when we use to get good games worth our money?
    Nethier do i

  13. zachery klughaupt

    GREATNESS AWAITS” I was cracking up”

  14. Nelson II “Kanakanako_Exia” Salazar

    it has become a habit to vist these videos to dislike them

  15. lmao, Xbox Live>PSN

  16. Awesome, I always wanted to play Zombi just never had the chance buy it.

  17. finally a PS plus exclusive WORTH GETTING

  18. hey that’s pretty good

  19. Waiting on Ps to say “April Fools here’s some just cause 3 and Last of us.”
    *sigh* can’t a man dream. ?

  20. I’m about to buy a gaming pc

  21. PS4K…^_^

  22. this sucks my psn plus just expired

  23. again cheap games

  24. Can I use the ps vita as a second screen for Zombi just like the wii u??

  25. ZombiU sucks so bad. I’m just warning everyone.

  26. 49.99 USD For Nothing

  27. Full Lineup:
    A Virus Named Tom, PS Vita
    Dead Star, PS4
    I Am Alive, PS3
    Savage Moon, PS3
    Shutshimi, PS Vita
    Zombi, PS4

  28. I guess greatness still awaits

  29. when Ps5 coming out?m?m?

  30. There is your triple A people, you’re welcome.

  31. I wonder if there will be a month where there will be less than 1K in likes
    and almost 15k in dislikes.

  32. That moment when you buy games that were going to be free next month. :l

  33. XxxFuTureKoLerGaMxxX


  34. still waiting on greatness

  35. PS3 is 100% dead to them Vita is 100% dead to themTrying to fool people
    into thinking VR will work flawlessly on old PS4Releasing a new PS4 for 100
    dollars more Wouldn’t be shocked if they quit making the 399 one after 2015

  36. More zombies, wow. Smh wtf

  37. and you’re all still whining.

  38. “Greatness awaits”

  39. Why always hating? Zombi looks okay to me

  40. More dislikes than likes…

  41. Take a look at Xbox free games of the month. What a difference!

  42. I got PS Plus because I heard that they gave out better games than Xbox
    Live but they’re not doing a good job proving it

  43. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!! haha u got me sony now what we really getting.

  44. is playstation plus free now?

  45. zombi looks good. mmmm, thumbs down tho

  46. looks like you playstation fans aren’t happy again

  47. this is why you get xbox one. you get double the amount of free games and
    there good..

  48. I’m sick of zombie games ..

  49. Konstantin Gerolsteiner

    Xbox One gives free triple a titles, much better than the lesser indie

  50. When will you learn playstation


  52. Bgelol The skeleton

    at the 19th of april its my birthday

  53. man i thinks this is decent.

  54. These space indies are barely satisfying anymore, then a port of zombieU
    i can see why all my friends are leeching ps plus nowadays

  55. Why so many thumbs down on the video. I can’t wait for Zombi.

    Have you all already played Zombi?

  56. PS4. Indie awaits.

  57. Zombi is actually a decent game lol the amount of dislikes is ridiculous.

  58. Finally we get a triple A game, It’s kinda disappointing that we are
    getting another space indie puzzle game though

  59. Totally gonna play that zombie game ?

  60. Heartless Pancake

    This better be an April Fool’s joke. . .

  61. please learn from Xbox Gold , #4TheGamer Nice Joke

  62. making progress not good like games with gold but is better than the last
    ps plus games so thx sony

  63. Oh boy… Zombi… not like I already have the original back when it was
    exclusive to the Wii U… But a free game be free game.

  64. dead star not good I hope that
    tomb raider or god of war

  65. Wait is this sony’s April fools joke cause I hope that these aren’t
    actually the April ps plus games

  66. theyoutubnumber1fan

    Does Sony read any of these comments or even give a look at the dislike
    button -_-

  67. #thisis4thepayers what a trash!…
    it’s more betatest-station then play-station nowadays =(

  68. Where’s the older indie titles that are good?

    Journey? Titan Souls? Shovel Knight?

    Those will be incredibly cheap for Sony and will reduce the people

  69. +PlayStation listen to the fans, THERE ARE MORE DISLIKES THAN LIKES!!! Give
    us a game will will ENJOY!!! All we get are indie games!!!

  70. Lol, Savage Moon… Only bought and played it… 7 YEARS AGO!

    Good game though, if you like the movie Starship Troopers and Tower Defence
    games, you’ll dig it.

  71. I really like the music it makes the games look better #monthly rubbish

  72. enfia estes jogos no cu

  73. Greatness still awaits

  74. meanwhile Xbox one users get Wolf among us and Sunset overdrive….

  75. Show all six games in the video…you know, like you used to do.

  76. Im an old Ps fan. And i can easly say that Ps4 is the worst an the most
    overrated Ps game console all of time,.

  77. Ожидаемо.
    Need free multiplayer !!! Pls Sony.

  78. I went down to the comment section, big mistake. I’m now in the hospital
    because I have cancer.

  79. tbh I never played zombi I’d go for over another indie space shooter

  80. Xbox is destroying PlayStation with the free games. And I prefer my PS4
    over my Xbox One

  81. I already have zombi on the Wii U but I might pick this one up anyway. It’s
    pretty pointless without the gamepad though..

  82. lol indie games on the ps4, um, no thanks.

  83. got zombi on ps4 but looking forward to dead star but Xbox is dead space
    and wolf among us for

  84. who gave this a thumbs up must be just the sony staff

  85. xbox live wins again

  86. Bit dissapointing, but oh well.

  87. ZOMBI? HAHAHAHA-oh you’re serious.

  88. It’s… ok. More like a half-assed attempt to please fans. My PS Plus
    expires mid-April, this isn’t enough to make me want to renew it. I’ll
    download Zombi and beat it before my membership expires.

  89. oh not again

  90. not as bad as I was expecting I’ll take zombi

  91. Shitness await…

  92. Hm… :/

  93. people will be disappointed with the game on ps4.
    On wii u, people loved the game. But that’s not because the wii u version
    is much different, it’s because on the wii u, people don’t have these high
    standards because they don’t get mature game this often.

  94. The wikipedia article on clouds Is Very intresting

    Xbox is here to gloat
    we got good games

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