PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake – PSX 2015 Trailer | PS4

– PSX 2015 Trailer

They are coming back to

Reactors are draining the life energy of the planet. The Shinra Corporation rules over a corrupt surveillance state. A few prosper, the rest are left to rot in the city slums of Midgar. That changes tonight.

The elite mercenary and ex-SOLDIER has been hired by the resistance movement AVALANCHE to fight back. Their mission will change the world forever.

[Opening – Bombing Mission] from “Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY”

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  1. xbox sucks

  2. To begin, I’m excited for this game. I understand there will be changes to
    some characters (like Barret) and to the gameplay (I’ll miss the ATB
    system, but maybe AI controlled partners wont be too bad). But did they
    really have to pick THAT voice for Cloud? The monotone, half-asleep Cloud
    that should basically every line with “where’s my paycheck?” I’m skeptical
    as to how VA will put any emotion into his performance, because even during
    such moments in FF7 AC, Crisis Core, and FF Dissidia 012 Cloud sounded


  4. Most anticipated events/things i wanted to see:
    1. Date w/ Aerith in the Golden Saucer ( in REMAKE EDITION )
    2. Cloud crossdressed ( in REMAKE also )
    3. Aerith’s Death Scene ( REMAKE!!! dunno if her body floats or not in the
    water / lifestream )
    4. The Parade , Cloud disguised as a Shinra Soldier.
    5. 1 v 1 Sephiroth and Cloud. ( dunno if he has a party helping him or solo
    6. The summons ( especially the KOTR c; the longest one )
    7. Vincent Valentine from Shinra Mansion
    8. Also the flashback about Zack Fair when regaining Cloud’s memories. c:

  5. supernicodesiles97

    the gameplay of ff7 remake = the gameplay of kingdom heart

  6. Hope they can remake 9 and others. (Hey a man can dream right?)

  7. Ok guys, here is my speculation about battle system –
    It’s not fully action based.. so far what i noticed and can theorize about
    It’s semi-action and semi-turn based..
    More like Heroes of Might and Magic style..
    Look where it says Cloud or Barret, the bar fills up when they input
    attacks, I think it’s a limitation how much you can do for your current
    turn, also they show Barrets Limit Break from 3rd person view, like you are
    controlling him…
    So im guessing, you move, attack and use specials that fills that bar ,
    then its others turn
    If its true then they pleased both action and turn based public. :)

  8. I wasn’t a fan of Final Fantasy. but after seeing this i’m having second

  9. Pre-Ordered!

  10. That looks awesome! Makes me want to go out and buy a PS4.

  11. sooo we have grown up huh? good good…cloud we meet again

  12. Well I’ll be! Cloud looks like a fellah. I was worried they’d pull another
    advent children and prettify him into a beautiful, beautiful bishouen
    nightmare with most of his materia slots dedicated to skincare magic.

  13. Maybe this is just a prototype but yeesh Cloud looks rough. I liked how he
    looked in Advent Children. Still excited though :)

  14. cloud is skinny af

  15. Кейли Тамирианская

    …I’m playing Final Fantasy VII right now.
    I’m right after the “group room” in Honey Bee Inn.
    And now IMAGINE that scene in Remake!

  16. I can’t wait to play this. But Cloud should have more muscles… so

  17. Wedge is being played by Badger from Breaking Bad? Not sure if that’s weird
    or amazing.

  18. The best FF game with KH combat, turn me upside down, call me Lisa and take
    my money!

  19. Sensational!!! Hurry up and release it so that you can work on ff8 and ff9.
    Don’t forget ff15.

    I think 15 and 7 are going to see a simultaneous release.

  20. Cloud looks a bit ill .. they should make him look more pretty & healthy

  21. I just want the old feeling with a state of the art engine…

  22. Looks like a big disappointment so far. Great series is turning into a
    generic hack’n’slash. Sad times.


  24. How many times can I watch this on repeat without loosing my
    job……..about to find out

  25. Wow. Looks great. Can’t wait to play it when it comes out.

  26. Looks amazing! I still Think a few people Will be dissapointed


  28. Sound For Free Mindz

    the characters look perfect imo.

  29. Speaking English will be more natural to them than Japanese.

  30. How to ruin a sleek atmosphere: “You’re doing this for the planet! same as

  31. Release date?

  32. I hope we see the Highwind and the Submarine, so we can explore and
    discover the whole world of Gaia! Looking for the Mako Reactor on the sea
    bed beneath Junon, fighting the Emerald Weapon, or recover the rare Materia
    out of Shinra aircraft wreck. Breeding variants of Chocobos, which allow
    travel across different terrains on the world map! That’s what I want to
    see, next to a fantastic storyline!

  33. 1:33 Their aim is worse than Stormtroopers’s

  34. It’s J-Pop Time~

  35. they didn’t show sephiroth ? No sephiroth no party

  36. Oh. man. freaking out. hyperventilating. aneurysm. palpitations.

  37. is he sick or something his arm colour looks like he is o.o fix it o.o

  38. I need to see Materia in action and how it advances in the game.

  39. Neat

    they are voice acted

    the battle system looks a little like battles from XV and Crisis Core

  40. Pointing out the irony of remaking something titled final. Nonetheless, I
    am totally stoked.

  41. Okay I guess when fighting when can jump in as a different character when
    we feel the need to since this is real time, and if it is like Kingdom
    Hearts please don’t make Aerith (Aeris) like Donald.

  42. The game comes out and it will be ok on its own merit but most of the
    people looking forward to it are wanting to feel the same magic they felt
    back on the PS1 version. When that inevitably doesn’t happen (because 20
    years), this same group of people will get all angry, pretentious and
    hipstery about how it ‘sucks’ in comparison to the original, crying about
    how they changed the combat system (which they should, because 20 years).
    For people who want Final Fantasy 7, go and play it. It’s still there and
    can never be taken from you. Be prepared when this doesn’t give you that
    old tingly feeling that you spent your life trying to recapture.

  43. 1:33 Worst. Shooters. Ever -___-


  45. Francesco .Ferrigno

    if the combat system is so dynamic and action oriented imagine how friggin
    amazing the battles with Sephiroth will be

  46. Having played the original to death & being my fav game of all time… I’m
    very skeptical here…although its early days. This “new battle engine” is
    Unreal 4, but looks & plays incredibly similar to FFXV? Minus perhaps
    sharper images/better frame rates. Episodic release? Why!?…”The games too
    big” Really? On next gen?, or do you just want to sell it in parts
    digitally as its more profitable? If there is no disc release I will not be
    a happy bunny! We will see…

  47. I SEE SUMMONS ICON11!!!!11

  48. can you tell me why RPG games are fun ?
    i played once and it sucks.

  49. Лиза Степанцова

    Обожаю перса Вульфа, он так крут.. И игру на мобильник ff3 тоже.???

  50. I creamed

  51. i came….

  52. That framerate is horrible.

    Also is this action or turnbased combat?

  53. will there be an Aeris living option?

  54. too flashy combat…

  55. Barret went from MR. T to Blade. xD

  56. My friend thought cloud was a girl. Then I remember that mission…..

  57. Looks more like FF 15 to me.
    Still.. it doesn’t look bad.

  58. Como está ficando lido esse jogo, vem logo fim de 2016.Vai ser engraçado
    ver o Cloud com essa cara de Madonna vestido de menina para entrar no

  59. When is the release date?!!!

  60. The voice acting kind of sucks

  61. I have a theory on how this active battle system will work in this game and
    how they will make it into a hybrid to please both real time and turn based
    fans if you skip to 1:17 in the video you will notice a gauge next to each
    players name and every time a player attacks there gauge gets to be more
    full my theory is that once that gauge gets to its max your player is going
    to have to stop and recover and wait for that gauge to go back down an
    exception to attacking past the max gauge would of course be limits and
    youll notice this at 1:21 when barret attacks when his attack gauge is
    maxed out and youll notice that every time a player attacks when the gauge
    is maxed out is when they are using there limit this is just pure
    speculation but what do you guys think?

  62. i hope the battle style is more crisis core than it is ff13, as ff13 was
    just unplayable for me personally

  63. Abraham Binsar Hamonangan Lim

    during the whole video i just screamed “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”

  64. I heard a theory that it’ll be on NX, will it? We already know Dragon Quest
    will be

  65. I heard a theory that it’ll be on NX, will it? We already know Dragon Quest
    will be


  67. Remake Final Fantasy 8!

  68. Who else thinks cloud looks like a spastic, with his sword in free roam

  69. Barret’s ‘Big shot’ special attack looks nowhere near as epic as the

  70. and we thought aeris’ death was bad on ps1. it’s gonna be in hd this time
    around. and with the multi part rumor ice heard…each disk could be it’s
    own game…and game 1 ends with the most tragic videogame death scene since
    the opening of the last of us


  72. starting a crowdfunding campaign to send cloud some fried chicken.

  73. malochino hubertino

    I pray for à portage on the Nintendo NX

  74. gameplay looks interesting. cutscenes look ridiculous.

  75. 1:20 Isn’t it Barrets Limit Break? Limit Break confirned. Can’ t wait to

  76. English Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexESLvid)

    Looks fantastic. I kind of wish they would have stuck with turn-based
    combat, but I’ll reserve judgment until the game actually comes out.

  77. I’m just wondering what they’re gonna do with the materia system.
    Definitely one of the things that made FF7 unique. It’d be hard to
    incorporate it to the battle system that they’ve shown here. Regardless,
    I’m glad that they’re working on the game enough to provide us this trailer

  78. I thought Barret is supposed to be a bit crazier and hot-tempered. Jessie,
    Biggs and Wedge look good though (but… they will die anyway). Can’t wait
    to see Gold Saucer and Cosmo Canyon. I really appreciate that they are
    making this. I hope it won’t flop and we all deserve to see Cloud dressed
    up as a girl right!?! and the Honey Bee Inn…. :P

  79. Xbox girl just walking by.

  80. well, I just read that this game will be broken down into multiple parts,
    and I bet you they will be sold separately at full price



  82. i hope the increased detail/better graphics wont detract from the size of
    the Gaia map. there are so many places besides midgar i want to see and
    explore in high def. witcher 3 levels of scope and detail please

  83. Unreal engine looking good.


  85. Captain Al's Gaming Network

    They didnt make it turn based because not everyone is about strategy. me
    for example. i love final fantasy but i am horrible at strategy so i watch
    other people play it. I think its cool they are giving final fantasy VII a
    kingdom hearts like combat system. Its something new for the franchise

  86. I don’t like the way they made him look, should have went with the crisis
    core model instead.

  87. I wonder how they are gonna remake sephiroth’s supernova…

  88. will it have voice options??….cause english sucks….


  90. Richard Da Costa Mendes


  91. meh “press this button to watch your console play for you” kinda game just
    like ff13

  92. Make cloud’s arms more bulky.. Thats just wrong. : (

  93. Is that Barret pulling out a bit of Big Shot at 1:21 there? Mindblow

  94. 1:20 is that Barret’s Limit break, Big Shot? Looks like it.
    Edit: Actually a second before that looks like Cloud’s Limit break.

  95. Just stop for a second, remember the battle in the Fortress of Condorand
    now imagine how they are going to make it…This is going to be sweet.

  96. man cant wait!

  97. Parece que se jugara como FF Crisis Core de PSP … el problema es, ¿como
    controlar a mas de un personaje a la vez? … ¿Con algo como los Gambits de
    FFXII tal vez?

    It seems that it will play like PSP’s FF CRISIS CORE … the issue here is,
    how do you control more than one character at the same time? … Maybe with
    something like FFXII Gambits?

  98. .grrr.. those narrow streets.. i hate it when streets are so narrow in
    games that they look like a sitcom stage.. But hope the game will be able
    to satisfy fans/nostalgics and deal with the gaming improvements that
    occurred over the years.

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