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Watch the Experience 2016 Press Conference live from Shrine Auditorium.

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  1. Sony saved E3 for me.

  2. 1:45:40 I knew it, Yakuza 0 can only be showcase in a montage. Oh well,
    still better than nothing

  3. Favorite at E3 so far. So many games, took forever to compile the list
    which is a good thing!

  4. lol Xbox has battlefield and ps4 have cod


  6. Infinite Warfare! 😀 Looks epic!!

  7. Sony has really outdone itself with the bloody opening

  8. Abhishek Kumar Tiwari

    Playstation Conference has the most views

  9. So… every Sony’s game is a Last of Us clone from now on… gotcha.

  10. so wait, days gone is in the same universe as last of us. but not a sequel.
    or made by naughty dog, that’s insane.

  11. *why did they put hipster beard on kratos face? now he looks like that
    gnome dude on dramatube.*

  12. 1:19:08 *Welcome to Transformers The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood!*

  13. Watching the God of war trailer for a second time I don’t think that’s the
    original guy that did kartos in the other games


  15. at wjhat part was the crash bandicoot part

  16. 700 something poor souls who does not own a PlayStation. I cant blame you
    guys. #Suckstobeyou

  17. Abzû reminds me of The Journey. I bet it’s going to be epic.

  18. The orchestra at the beginning was simply stunning! What a great start to
    this conference

  19. E3 this year was rather disappointing

  20. Somebody help me please. What game is at 1:45:30? With the woman shimmying
    on the wall before Yooka Laylee?

  21. why does everyone like krash? game is not even good. people just like to
    jump on the bandwagon.

  22. I hate to say it, but this conference was a huge letdown, Last years was
    way better. Anyone else agree?

  23. Nowran Khan Orin

    I’m dying to play Death Stranding *_*

  24. horizontal and days gone look good but if this is all PlayStation has to
    offer this e3 the RIP

  25. As soon as i saw kratos i got goosebumps god of war 4 is here that was the
    highlight for me day one buy

  26. I be always hated call of duty but infinite warfare looks awesome

  27. I just want to know before i watch this did they announce anything abt the
    the ps4.5/4k?

  28. In my opinion Infinite Warfare is awesome

  29. Michael Turner-Smith

    Wait! Did he just say Call of Duty, you’re gonna feel the feeling of the
    weapon in your hand. The boots on the ground feel, and the most realistic
    war feeling that only Call of Duty can provide.”? If so, someone shoot me
    in my head.

  30. Anyone know what the game at 1:45:31 is called? It looks so interesting.

  31. james chatterton

    There are some not violent games coming out on the PS4 … yet these are
    the ones showcased? Most of them were of the violent type. Whilst I do
    understand about money and all that … they still could push a little more
    on the not so violent games. They are the ones with the platform. The less
    violent games they did show still felt like they were put in a corner
    marked with a “we don’t care so much for them” label.

  32. Hail Kojima

  33. Still 720??

  34. At 44:36 he looks exactly like the dude from the walking dead unless that’s
    really him

  35. About GoW and RE7….they both look awesome….but they don’t look GoW and

    GoW looks like TLoU Norse themed. And RE7 looks like P.T or pretty much
    every scary indie game nowadays.

    I want to say is that they lost their indentity!

    GoW was a very arcade game. Now pretty much every game is very cinematic
    with the same third person wishy washy behind the camera view, and the same
    happened to GoW now…sad…

  36. really. no destiny? what a waste of time.

  37. Anyone know the song that they played from the beginning?

  38. Bonquiqui Thethird


  39. Starts 34:47

  40. To be honest both PS4 and Xbox One did pretty good.

  41. Where are Red Dead 2 and Bloodborne 2?

  42. Well I’m trading in my one for a ps4 now, Spider-Man alone was enough to
    sell me over

  43. no Last Of Us 2 ?

  44. The crowds reaction to the God of War reveal was amazing :)

  45. Darth Vyper's Lair

    I know I’m late. Is this the entire Playstion E3 conference or just bits &

  46. Amazing conference, but- no new console? No Red Dead? No *new* Crash

  47. Where’s Infinite Warfare??? Hahahahaha

  48. Would I understand The Last Guardian without having played ICO or Shadow of
    the Colossus?

  49. First Name Last Name

    Difference between sony pk and microsoft pk. Microsoft: E guitars blood
    screaming loud pdeudo cool manly characters chlichés without end stupid
    dialogues sounding like 12 year olds shooting shooting shoooting and
    shooting. Oh and I forgot to mention shooting. Sony: Nice music. Nice
    characters. Great dialogues. Nice graphics and animations. Nice gameplays.
    Maturity. Class…

  50. so is resident evil 7 vr only?

  51. “yes sir” – so is it norsk mythology or just murica?

  52. it’s times like these where I’m glad I chose ps4

  53. Last Minute Films

    Sorry but where is MWRemasterd?

  54. A7X_Girl_foREVer !

    i don’t want to watch that whole thing is there another last of us? thank

  55. For all those asking for cod, it’s around 27:00

  56. What if you only play as Kratos at the start of the game. He gets killed
    and fast forward you play as older Kratos Jr. Just a thought

  57. Payton Poliakoff

    Does anyone else think the opening orchestra music was insanely badass

  58. Totally have a crush on her..

  59. when is destiny?

  60. 50:20 Braveheart Soundtrack? Anyone?

  61. Bethesda won E3 again

  62. cod suck

  63. Sony ( ‘ _’)
    | ___(‘_’)
    // // \ xbone

  64. I’d buy detroit if thats not everything it has to offer… Cus I’d hate it
    if they’d spoil everything from the start. Looks good.

  65. where was Final fantasy 7 remake ?

  66. MS had great content but the conference room was a joke. Just look at this
    place, Sony knows how to mix mediocre stuff with the great and sell it big

  67. Feels bad knowing they’re holding back on the graphics due to Consoles.

  68. The jealousy is REAL. These fans wanted to see Sony show off a console even
    better than Microsoft’s, but I guess the neo wasn’t impressive enough.

  69. Elvis “Farouk” Muturi

    GOd of war ……ill be damned

  70. I hope next e3 they announce the last of us 2 ?

  71. Am I the only one that can’t stand Horizon? I hate that game

  72. Виктор Курсиш (Sq1cky)

    HOLY CRATOS!!!!!!!!!!

  73. So, a bunch of cross platform stuff with some mediocre exclusives… Sone
    console peasants will get excited over anything.

  74. Patrick Miles Quintana

    Nothing about hardware or consoles guys?

  75. i think i might hate the last guardian and i dont know why.

  76. Playstation is dead

  77. Sony destroy Microsoft lol

  78. LMFAO you can hear someone saying “i hated kitchen…. kitchen was boring”
    and then “no no not kitchen”

  79. playstation are the best

  80. Conference starts at 30:00


    So God of War is a ….parenting sim now? Who would have guessed?! :)

  82. where is PlayStation 4K ? all I see Trailers of games and no Presentation
    This is e3 after all.

  83. man… annoying gey hosts.. then I wonder why gaming going downhill

  84. lets watch the new infinite warfare trailer!!……. ahh…..sooo…where
    is it?

  85. Unexpected Gamer

    So noone talking about crash anymore?

  86. so many games missed and almost nothing cool, I wanted a new Crash game not
    the old ones

  87. Alright enough with the VR games for crying out loud

  88. This conference was weak. The only intriguing thing was God of War & Days
    Gone, however many Sony fans didn’t like what they saw in God of War I
    thought it looks fresh. Xbox was weak as well but they also had Scalebound,
    ReCore, and Gears to keep up with what Sony displayed but the best
    announcement was the new Xbox Scorpio console that will release in 2017.

  89. lol they don’t know the Word exclusif xD

  90. wow that was really short… last part was the worst E3 ending

  91. did anyone catch how to get the 10 dollars in psn, the 7 day trial of some
    game and other stuff at the end of the conference?

  92. After all these rumours of ps4k or ps4 neo, wee see nothing. Microsoft must
    have scared them away with Project Scorpio.

  93. Bruno Moto x android

    Was a waste of time…. B O R I N G

  94. Leo Liu (tunaroll4869)

    1:30:33 Thank me later.

  95. yeah yeah

  96. TheEgyptianGamerGeek

    OMG So many games.
    I’m gonna get Last Guardian, Spider-Man, Days Gone, & I could get Horzion &
    feel very intrested in God of War I should get GOW3 and play it for GOW4.

  97. No love for us Vita fans :(

  98. RIP SONY

  99. Sorry you guys took the loss tonight.. :(

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