PlayStation Classic – Underwhelming Plastic Tat (Jimpressions)

The PlayStation Classic is bad. Well… it’s okay at what it does, it’s just what it does is a bit pants.

The physical system looks nice, it functions just fine, but it suffers from a weak selection of games and an equally weak presentation.

Sony just wasn’t really very bothered about making it good.


  1. With those gloves on it’s almost like you”re treating this thing as a biohazard.

  2. May as well watch this but i disapprove of this guys overall message.

  3. Nagatem LordLucemon

    The lid won’t open!, thats the only reason i would buy it, opening it and closing it was fun, sad

    Thanks jim
    Thank god for you

  4. Sony ripped off Nintendo and it sucked/failed? What a shocker.

  5. May as well watch this but i TOTALLY APPROVE of this guys overall message.

  6. And if you plug a usb keyboard and hit escape, you can access the emulator. Without even needing to hack it at all. You can use multiple saves, etc.

  7. Meh at launch
    Really great once it’s hacked and modded
    Kind of like most Bethesda games

  8. Thank you Sony for the option to give you money for a product inferior in every possible way to the PS1 games I play on my phone/tablet/pc.

  9. Connect a keyboard to it, press ESC…you now have access to the emulator’s functions.
    Because this thing’s a Raspberry Pi with an open source, freely available emulator called ePSXe that’s been available on the PC for years, and they stuck it in a tiny case and called it a day. This is as cheaply made as you can get.

  10. The size of a small dog’s skull? The length of two boys? Interesting measurement methods. Lol

  11. Another dust collector. I’d rather go find the old console and games or even just download the emulators but i guess this is cool for the console collectors.

  12. Fashion: Lets make our mini version of classic console and make money on nostalgia!
    Logic: Lets make it good, quality produt for our fans who will be majority buyers. Also it’s good idea to avoid bad emulation… or in case of Playstation classic avoid it partialy by using cheap MIPS CPU (like in PSP)… and about games – it would be wise to choose best nostalgic classics and maby some great games like Chrono Cross that was never relesed in Europe!
    Sony: To much work, to much thinking, to much talking… fuck… me put free emulator into cheap box. Me lazy. Me will put cheapest games there is. Me not care. Me selling Playstation fours… me like city sushi.

  13. Jorge Ignacio Manzano Suarez

    FUN FACT: plug in a keyboard, press ESC and u can switch the region to NTSC… yup….

  14. Out of the games on this I still have Final Fantasy 7 and Tekken 3. I think Croc, Tomb Raider and Medievil at least should have been on.

  15. There’s no Wipeout or Gran Turismo tho

  16. I’d rather just buy a proper Ps1. It’s cheaper and has more games

  17. Better you just kept your ps3 and download ps1 classics

  18. “Do you guy’s not have Nostalgia!?”

  19. A 15 year-old PC can run every PS1 game for free.

  20. The overall message I’m getting from this video: *it’s wank*

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