Playing Guitar on Call of Duty! – (Insane Guitar Player plays Black Ops 2)

What’s up guys, back with another hilarious video for you all today! In todays video we have the epic Moutaindoo back with another epic video for us! If you enjoyed todays video lets try smash 15,000 likes!


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  1. Everybody go find the dooo he has 15 of these videos

  2. What was the green day song called

  3. what is the name of the in the end of the video in 11:21-11:38

  4. ?☺?????

  5. can he play epic music like metal gear rising

  6. Nicholas Boylstein

    make more videos doing that

  7. Triggered at guitar hero

  8. do you think he can play though the fire and the flames

  9. Mother of god I will do whatever it takes to get as good as this guy

  10. hahahaha

  11. wow doooooo

  12. Modern fighters is a moder he have a moded console illuminati confirmed

  13. more videos with dooo

  14. USS Hector Hivers BELTWAY

    That was pretty “Sharp” (°0°) ~ PUNS!!!!

  15. Do this agin

  16. do more of these kinds of videos and if you do play crazy train

  17. song in 7.24?

  18. He sounds like 331erock

  19. song in 7.24?

  20. What’s the song at 7:12?

  21. Darned-Sandstorm Eh?

  22. Do it again

  23. Wtf!!!!!its crazyyyyy

  24. yes dooo is more pop now

  25. Nice bro wish i could be likE you

  26. Do more please.


    is the doo part a bcc trolling

  28. Can u play dingo mite

  29. I creamed when I heard Zelda. The feels.

  30. Corrupting Virus

    is it bad that I sing to mountain doooooo?

  31. Stijn Van den hoogen

    That was fucking awsome

  32. Luca Hibbe-Borges

    please creat a sound board OR an cd

  33. Delta 9 2 Foxtrot

    10:20 Blasphemy

  34. Definitely do more of these.

  35. I’d like to see this guy do the Brian May Solo in Innuendo

  36. Songs at 5:25 ?

  37. All of this shit is easy as fuck to play on guitar lmfao

  38. Hahasans The jokster

    Omg I loved the shakira one was my jam

  39. cycraft gaming and music


  40. The Doooo !!!!!!

  41. play more metal regin of darkness

  42. Josiah Colin Basbas


  43. more videos like this plz , wow he’s good

  44. Whats the Songs Name at 7:10

  45. Duke Nukem Theme!!!

  46. the 007 was beast

  47. CHARGEEEE!!!!!!

  48. play the guitar solo in good girls bad guys by falling in reverse if you
    know who they are

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