PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Trailer | SURVIVOR HD

An attempt to make an -game trailer of PUBG and the fun times that my friends and I have playing it.

Survivor – 2WEI


  1. holy shit good job

  2. The transition at 1:38 is insane, good job man

  3. holy shit man… this was amazing

  4. As a video editor myself, i absolutely love this, the music choice did so much for the video I loved it 🙂

  5. Bitcoin is Simple

    Awesome, they should hire you.

  6. Easily one of the best game trailer i have ever seen

  7. I love the narrative of this trailer, solid editing, very good music choice and good synergy to the video.

  8. Some slight grading would go a great way without it stopping looking like a gameplay video.

  9. Unicorn Workhorse

    Very well done. Was a bit long for an actual trailer but all the shots were pretty much justified.

  10. Unicorn Workhorse

    How did you choose that music?

  11. 1:59 camera rolling with the Dacia flip gave me vertigo. That was better than any movie car flip camera following then ive experienced.

  12. Shahab Afsharipour

    14 people that never won a chicken dinner

  13. Holy fcuk this is good!

  14. This is amazing for the limits you have only being a player!!! I would love to see what you could accomplish with more professional in engine tools!!

    If it’s a trailer I would have loved to have seen the “99 Alive” reader prominently shown counting down to make that mechanic clear.

  15. goosebumps guaranteed! Well done mate

  16. This is great! I actually came from a news article talking about how good your trailer was.

  17. If you came here from Reddit give a like!

  18. One of the best PUBG videos I’ve seen.

  19. This should be the trailer used to promote the game. Awesome editing, amazing trailer! It really shows you’re a film student (and a very talented one, I must say) 🙂

  20. wow just wow ???

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