PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: The Call Of Looty (The Jimquisition)

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’s is the latest darling, but like Ark and Darkest Dungeon, it’s learning that such a status comes with caveats.

Hot off the heels of its “Stream Sniping” ban wave, Battlegrounds’ recent microtransaction indulgence raised eyebrows and pitchforks both.

Also, really are the worst.

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  2. Χρήστος Κώτσαρης

    All these microtransactions for a severely overrated online shooter. LOL.

  3. It’s odd to think that they somehow wouldn’t have gained the funds in this Early Access to maintain or even vastly ramp up development considering how ridiculous their sales are. They’ve outsold pretty much every game released this year, even AAA games with massive budgets dedicated to marketing. They can’t possibly be strapped cash. They’re self published after all, they should be rolling in cash. It’s hard to see any justification here outside of greed.

  4. Social Media Influencer

    Banned from playing a game you bought because something you were doing interfered with a stream someone was making of it.

    This is it. The world we made.

  5. My Prediction: PUBG is the new DayZ, with so much popularity and with micro-transactions already in the game proper, the dev team now has absolutely no reason to develop the game further. I wouldnt be surprised if the game eventually just stagnates and takes far longer to hit its actual release version, for the sake of the players, i sincerely hope it doesnt, but all the signs are pointing that way..

  6. I fucking despise it when desperate fans of games defend micro-transactions in said game because “it’s just cosmetic” and “It doesn’t affect the gameplay”. Fuck off. It Does have an effect on gameplay, it effects the psychology of players in-game. People with (for example) hats in TF2, are automatically treated as a skilled player because it’s assumed this player has spent time with the game enough to buy cosmetics. So say if this player were to put on no cosmetics or easily earned ugly cosmetics the enemy assumes they are new and can take an easy kill. The skilled player can then take advantage to this and dominate.

  7. And yet Battlegrounds is the most played game on Steam and top two streaming on Twitch. That’s teaching them they can’t do this!

  8. Clorox Bleach II: The bleachening

    Please make “crying like anime fans on prom night” a regular thing

  9. Alright, i might get a lot of hate for this, but here goes anyway. Jim, could you please tone down the amount of ‘silly voices’ you use in these videos. They seem to be a lot more prominent than before and i feel they actually get in the way of getting your point across. Which is a shame since you usually have good points to make. Just a thought. If i’m the only one feel free to ignore me, but if i’m not please consider it.

  10. Simple question to pose to defenders of the practice: If cosmetics don’t make a difference, why not just make them client side? Or at the most only your team/friends sees them?

    I’m assuming most wouldn’t buy them then for MP games. Hence it is to show strangers. To narcissistically peacock, “Look at me, I’m different! Look at what I have and you don’t.”.

    It creates a class system in games, and to argue this has no effect on gameplay psychologically is ludicrous.

    I’m willing to have my mind changed, with Science. I would love to see a third party peer reviewed psychological study of this practice. If it showed it made no difference on how the game played out, I would be more accepting.

  11. does the The Cornflake Homunculus do children’s parties?

  12. The definitive micro currency is obviously Robux

  13. When money is involved, it matters

  14. Jim, this video is not okay. You put cereals on milk, not milk on cereals.

  15. The point of the argument it’s just cosmetic, is that the cosmetic items don’t affect player power. At all. That is why some people are absolutely fine with cosmetic items being sold.

  16. So when kellogs sues you are you going to pay or ask your fans for a handout?

  17. Why do people defend companys anyway? Like why as a customer is it any of your buisness to argue for them? Argue for the customer you brainwashed twats.

  18. This is why I maintain a boycott list. Laugh all you want, Bluehole were already on it on account of spunking out some of the most obscenely patronizing MMORPGs you’ll ever come across in Tera and Devilian. Thank god for a well-maintained boycott list.

  19. Battlegrounds is the perfect game to allow for players to get lucky and find rare cosmetics while playing the game and looting houses, and they still insist on using the lootbox method… guess theres more money in it.

  20. remember the time when you could just buy skins. buy and use. what simple times

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