PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is A Successful Failure (The Jimquisition)

PUBG might have been a hit, but the behavior of the team behind it indicates it's a failure one very important way.


  1. They bitched about copyright infringement; their “energy drink” looks unmistakably like red bull ripoff.. Like ffs LMAO

  2. i heard souls like, where is it

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  3. Please tell me youre a DLC boss character.

  4. A bit related but not 100%… It’s kinf of amazing how all the big hits start off as mods… DotA, CS, DayZ, PUBG… Guess what you get when the aim is building something you’re passionate about instead of whatever is making all the money right now. Funny how that works!
    How come big publishers with so much more resources are just following trends along? It’s really depressing… I mean I understand the reason, risk aversion mostly… Nobody wants to be Lawbreakers but even Lawbreakers was derivative as hell and one would think making a copy of another game wouldn’t be as successful as coming up with a different, more interesting game… Yet here we are!
    Sheesh, that’s my rant about obvious shit of the week. Carry on!

  5. Bluehole burned just about all the good will they ever had but whining non-stop and threatening to sue at a drop of a hat.

    It not hard to see why no one takes their side in disputes.

  6. 6:50
    top ten frying pans in video games video WHEN

  7. Fortnite vs PUBG is an example of the F2P game trumping a major product in both appeal and gameplay. Also, Bluehole are the devs? The guys who made Tera?

  8. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that is, until money is involved.

  9. Also fortnite being free and its unique art style completely grabbed the kid market, i have family who works at an elementary school and yea the 1st, 2nd graders and up are playin fortnite, not pubg. ” the battle royale” format aint for me, much prefer stuff like gun game ffa

  10. Bluehole failed to focus on polishing their game, instead they doubled down on making money. In so doing, they list the competitive edge they had by starting the race early and being the top of mind game. They had all the resources, but none of the vision.

  11. IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers

    And this is why I refuse to buy PUBG

  12. Wait, are they claiming to own…
    Openly available Unreal assets?
    Is that even like… is that okay?

  13. It likely would’ve helped if PUBG didn’t spend most of its time in the popularity sun doing its best to be unappealing as possible

    -Microtransactions were announced even though it was promised it would never have Microtransactions

    -It was later revealed that the mt were LOOTBOXES being as disgusting as ever.

    -Microtransactions made to support a esports team that was soon shown to be a scam

    -Promised to fix many of the online issue that desperately needed fixing

    -It soon got revealed that only Xbox users would get to play the game

    -Xbox one version is a complete fuck up worse cause it was charging 60$

    -Bluehole has decided it has nothing better to do now than to sue its competitors instead you know actually improving the player experience

    And during all of that time, Fortnite was able to grow a community and make itself a rival to PUBG. PUBG literally dug themselves their own hole. The only thing that’s unknown is wether or not they can get out of it

  14. I like PUBG “realism”, and i like Fortnite and Radical Heights styles too. That copyright bullshit is… yeah, bullshit. Anyway, i’m not stopping playing PUBG (or Fortnite, or Radical Heights) just because the creators are bullshiters. I used to like Brandon Greene, i’ve played PUBG more than any other game in the last 10 years, but his lastest actions are just stupid. The game, on the other hand, is improving a lot in the last few months, they realized we need a slightly faster gameplay, more movement, more things happening between the start and the last 10 alive players.

    I get what you say about “PUBG has nothing special” in terms of copyright, but that doesn’t mean the game is bad or less than others like Fortnite or Radical Heights.

  15. Tobasco brand sauce has stated anybody can make their sauce. But they own the name Tabasco.

  16. The unexpected Simpsons reference was pretty solid, not gonna lie

  17. The secind bigist game that is cumpleetly brokin the game is such a bugy mess its rudiculis

  18. Myles - Twin Comet

    I am a proud owner of a sealed copy of Transmorphers.

  19. mojang didnt flex with the minecraft. mojang respects their player. mojang is good. be like mojang

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