Pinstripe – Pissy The Piss Snake (Jimpressions)

Poignant, clever, and creepy as all hell!

Steam link:


  1. ooh this actually looks really great

  2. Did you see that article where ubisoft director said they weren’t greedy for putting n paid loot boxes?

  3. Offtopic: Can’t believe MG: Survive is sitting on mostly positive on Steam. What’s wrong with ppl?

  4. h a d a v e r y p i s s y d i c k

    i’m done even trying to hint this was supposed to be set to the tune of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer but fuck it

  5. talk about taking the piss

  6. Do you ever sleep Jim?

  7. A lot of youtubers did the voice acting for this game.

  8. This looks pretty neat!

  9. Oh, I love Pinstripe! It’s a really solid, if a bit stock standard indie fare. Plus it’s cheap as all balls, especially if you can get it on sale.

  10. It’s completely irrelevant but I want a stubbs the zombie sequel

  11. If you’re looking for good story content the Witcher 3’s expansions are great. its first one has the better story, but Blood and Wine is a great amount of content for your dollar. 20 bucks for almost another games worth of content with a decent overarching story.

  12. This developer’s old flash game Coma is one of my biggest inspirations.

  13. I’m fairly certain the art in this is based heavily on the work of Edward Gorey.

  14. Jim’s on great form today. Didn’t realise how much I loved his gaming content until we didn’t have any, this and MGS have scratched an itch.

  15. I got this in a Pinata from the GOG summer sale (was it that one?).
    Since they actually have some form of Quality Control I thought that I might do a little gamble to get an absolute blind Experience of a little game I didn’t know.
    And I was certainly not dissapointed.

  16. Pissy the piss snake? So they finally made a game about Konami.

  17. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    The art reminds me of Deemo

  18. where sniper gets the “”jarate””

  19. I got stuck on a puzzle and never went back. I guess I’m going to have to now.

  20. It’s like a tiny version of Jim running about and that’s all I can see

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