Pink Darth Vader Modded Into Battlefront II Because EA Said Nobody Wants Pink Darth Vader

The Battlefront II train continues to ride! Check out the mod here:


  1. This is one step away from full on Rainbow Vader.

    And I’m okay with that.

  2. it’s canon now

  3. This game was the worst meme of 2017

  4. EA: Nobody Wants Pink Darth Vader
    EA: well shit
    MODERS: told you

  5. Isn’t a white Darth Vader in a comic? Isn’t it like legends or something. Might not be that much Canon but someone wanted it once.

  6. *What a great time to be alive*

  7. If I’m not mistaken there was a white Darth Vader in a what if Star Wars comic book, so not break and canon too much.

  8. couple of weeks later..
    EA forces the take down of the mod and bans everyone who has the mod installed.

  9. I think we might have an Anti-Lootbox mascot.

  10. 4Horsemen of The Apocalypse

    I find your lack of Fabulousness disturbing.

  11. God EA and their responses are keen to Donald and his tweeting. It’s like “The reason Battlefront 2 is centered around Lootboxes is because a whale heart weighs over 3000 pounds.” uhhh what?

  12. Oh now this is just GLORIOUS.

    An actual Pink Darth Vader, right on cue!

  13. Well after a while of silence from EA i think the game is actually really good! If you are missing a part of your brain that affects common sense of course.

  14. BUT JIM
    Battlefront 2 was like…two months ago! Stop talking about it like it still happened!

    EA will apologise with BF3 and it will be totes amazeballs I guarantee. Hit me up in 2019 and see how correctly accurate this statement will be.

    You know what they say, 3 is the magic number. That is all the evidence you need to still have faith in EA.
    And remember, E3 has an 3 in it.

    _I don’t know where the fuck I’m going with this send ambulance help_

  15. This is a big middle finger to EA and I love it

  16. ThePhantomFeather

    I think modders have a “sense of pride and accomplishment” for doing this =3

  17. Question, will others be able to see your pink Vader or will you be the only one who sees it?

  18. Pink Darth Vader=Not Canon.
    All Heroes and Villains on all era maps=Canon? …apparently?
    EA is full of crap…

  19. Large Unidentifiable Reptile

    It’s annoying because it takes five minutes to come up with a cool idea for a Star Wars skin.

    Samurai Vader
    Cowboy Luke
    WW2 American pilot Poe

    I didn’t even think about it

    Oh wait

    20’s Mobster Han Solo
    Geisha Leia


    They’re falling out of my pockets

    Black and yellow Kylo Ren
    Mad max looking general Grevious


    I can’t stop

  20. If I walked into someone’s house and saw them using a pepto-bismol colored Sith Lord, I’d leave and never again acknowledge that person’s existence.

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