Pinball FX3 – TIE Fighters And Ball Jugglers (Jimpressions)

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Some folks have been lukewarm on Pinball FX3, but personally I’m digging the hell out of it.

Plus, that sort of backwards compatibility and “pay for the you want” model is a rare and sight.


  1. See there Jim, is what separates you, from most journalists who write reviews. You admit when something is beyond your taste, or something you have little knowhow to review, good man!

  2. The prices for this aren’t too bad, honestly. $3 for a table, $2.5/table in bundles, Bethesda tables are a bit more per table, bundles of tables are discounted; $195.77 for all the tables (not factoring in bundle discounts), 784 games would pay off the price based on quarter machines. Not too bad, I don’t think someone would play 784 games within a short time span honestly, so their ‘pay as you want more themes’ model is brilliant and the price is easily manageable over time, even more manageable if they offer discounts during sales.
    Other companies should take not of how they’re providing additional content, because this is the right way to do it.

  3. huh …. i think i wanna buy me that game, looks like relaxed fun

  4. Can we start a kickstarter or something to commission a Jimquisition Pinball table? I’d play that.

  5. Oh Jim you are so 1337(episode length) at pinball.

  6. When we’ll get a Jimquisition pinball?

  7. I just have started to play Spacecadet 3D (The Win XP Pinball) thanks to Playonlinux and its awesome. And i am always on the look out for good pinball games. Sadly, the tables in FX3 look way to cluttered for me. And the sound design is not to my liking, with to little impact when the ball hits stuff.

  8. pinball games have a large assortment of ball jokes

  9. Pinball FX2 VR –
    Plank with buttons and you’re there.

  10. Jim for your next jimpression on shit games try “Next Stop: Zombies” Liquid Shit: the game

  11. I like playing zen pinball on my phone. With the simple controls and how the tables fit nicely on the screen it really works well 8)

  12. To be fair, captain Phasma with a Star Destroyer AI voice would be pretty neat.

  13. My only problem with the various pinball games: not having common purchases across the various formats. Might just be me being cheap, but, for example, if I buy a table on the PS4 I want an account that lets me play that same table on my mobile phone, why should I have to pay for it again?

    I find myself not buying tables because I know I’m probably only going to play them a few times, whereas, if I knew I could also play it on another system, i.e. a quick play on my phone whilst waiting for a doctor/dentist appointment, I’d be much more willing to plonk down the cash.

    The devs probably think that they’re getting more money, making purchases platform specific, but they’re definitely losing out on mine.

  14. Matthewdeargameaudio

    i also like bob’s burgers. it is a right old gas.

  15. Hell yeah! Fx3! And a video from my number one pinball boy. Today is going to be a good day.

  16. absolutely love pinball fx loved fx 2 and 3 is fantastic. Carried over all my “machines”, the physics feel fantastic and real. I play alot of pinball in real life and this is the closest to the real thing if not completely the same honestly. Either way yea this game is great.

  17. I identify as a LGBTQ & Wizard

  18. I thought it was a pinbalarian

  19. Hi Jim! Look at this presentation:
    It is a great insight in the mind of corporate gaming.

  20. JIM YOUR AUDIO! It is still imbalanced. Too loud on the right side compared to the left side.

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