‘PIGS CAN FLY’ – The Minecraft Project Animated Adventures! #2

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This Animation was based on Episode 322 of The Minecraft Project!

What is The Minecraft Project Animated Adventures!?

Over the past few years have been running a Minecraft series called
‘The Minecraft Project' And I want to recreate some of the best moments from the series!

At the end of every episode you will be able to click off to see the video that the episode was based on! And enjoy the recreation in all its glory!

So if you know of an awesome animator who would like to take a shot at recreating an awesome moment from my Show The Minecraft Project then let them know im looking for them!

And you can help buy suggesting other funny moments from The Minecraft Project Show to be animated next!

Thanks for watching! And I hope you enjoyed!

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Its completely FREE to download and is super addictive!

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  1. beautiful

  2. What is that intro and outro song called I’m still waiting 9 months later

  3. I miss minecraft animations like this, not those cringy ones like currently.

  4. Wooo 2020 and this video is still amazing ahaha Tom is the best

  5. XD the pig can fly

  6. just thought i would come back here and see how funny this would be in 2020 AND OH MY GOD IM D E A D 10/10

  7. Man the nostalgia hitting me right now

  8. Jesus. The nostalgia from watching this in 2020… those were the good old days…

  9. I remember when this came out

  10. Coming back from 2021, the good ol days

  11. Isaac Jacob Roy Vivarais


  12. After all these years this just hits different man, pure nostalgia.

  13. The Nostalgia. I loved this video.

  14. Remember this video lol time goes way to fast

  15. 8 years later and I still think about this every day

  16. ElvisPresleyTikTok

    I laughed at this hard!!! Anyone here in 2022??

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