Phreak & Kobe Announcer Pack

Special Announcer Pack done by the one and only Phreak and some guy named Kobe (jk love you).

Special Esports Announcer Pack, potentially to celebrate MSI unconfirmed.

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  2. Let us buy announcer packs!!

  3. the sunshine wrath Hunga Bunga

    Apfril fools is already over

  4. Why does this exist? Who did this?

  5. my ears hurt more than when mam broke everything in kitchen

  6. Tons of damage?

  7. Riot Please, Have mercy on our wallets

  8. YES! Finally! We needed these! “Enemy Quadrakill. Don’t give him the penta!” Just beautiful.

  9. People saying cringe but as someone who loves different announcers in other games I definitely love this.

  10. I want an Imaqtpie Announcer Pack! YIKES he got the penta! WHAT that KILLED ME OMG!? Doo didelidong eh cuckerino haaha

  11. Give us a Jhin announcer pack

  12. And people say League is getting worse.

  13. LOL, Tyler1 is going to love this ahaha


  15. Guess im the only one actually liking this

  16. Is this official ?

  17. What is this
    Is it April fools again

  18. Is it cringe tho? I think they said it all pretty smoothly and nicely, not in a cringy way at all. Also it’s a good to hear something new while waiting for minions to reach your lane for over ONE AND A HALF FUCKIN MINUTE! I actually really like this!

  19. this is nothing compared to the gp announcer pack…

  20. The announcer pack is free and can be toggled off back to the default announcer with in game settings, currently its on the PBE.
    Edit: 28:18

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