Phasmophobia – The Update Took All Our Money!

Friends in Video:

Terroriser – @Terroriser
Nogla – @DaithiDeNogla
Moo Snuckel – @Moo

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  1. Hi vanoss i was watching you since i was 6 years old now i am 14 your content never dissapoints me❤

  2. the guys should play demonology it’s way better then Phasmophobia since the messed it up with the new update

  3. Brain is just unbearable to hear

  4. That muslim adhan joke was good 😂😂 . Approved

  5. Vanoss: “Go to your happy place”
    * meanwhile staring at a pair of tits *

  6. Waiting for the phasmaphobia episode where Brock and Brian snap

  7. Nogla going “I was right it was an Onryo!” is so stupid cause all he mentioned was thinking it was an Oni.

  8. Evan inspired me to pursue my dreams. Three years later, it’s still gone nowhere. But I’m passionate about it, and I always have fun! If I’ve learned as much from his example as I think I have, I’m sure I’ll do okay!

  9. Brian just ruins these videos

  10. I like how they use the table with the Monkey Paw on it as an equipment holder 😂

  11. I think if it wasn’t for Evan literally no one would have Nogla on their channel

  12. Been a fan for years and always enjoy seeing your videos you inspire me to try to make my own to cheers man

  13. Sad Fact: DJ Khalid said life is roadblocks not life is Roblox

  14. game change alot lol

  15. 𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙪𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙜

    2:25 funny as hell bro🤣

  16. Please play Demonologist, it’s also a ghost hunting game but way scarier

  17. I was waiting for a John Wayne Gacy joke as soon as Brian read it, was surprised Dahmer came up first…

  18. Play with sark lol

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