Pharah Sextuple

The disappointing fact is…this did not make , a Zarya that got 2 kills did, and it didn’t even get placed into my “Highlights” section. Blizzard plz


  1. Pressing Q and pointing doesn’t necessarily mean it deserves to be POTG, don’t forget that. Also don’t forget if it weren’t for that Graviton, never in a million years would you catch 6 people in a tight little present for you 🙂 With that said, if I am not mistaken, there is currently some sort of bug or smth screwed up in the PotG department..

  2. You only get your own highlights, not others.

  3. Excellent teamwork all around. Fucking brutal teamwipe.

  4. Tbh, i hate you. You did basically nothing and you said pharah sextuple kill.

  5. CoruscantiLowlife

    “Excuse me while I change my pants” LOL

  6. Why is your Overwatch so dark?

  7. كامالا عكار

    i hate normies

  8. Ill give you a tip for next time; fire a rocket before ulting. It’s free damage that you would miss otherwise, since you can animatin cancel it. It doesnt require any additional time, so there is no real reason not to do it.

  9. If I may ask what rank is this played at? I feel like it should be at least masters judging from comms.

  10. play of the game means not using another ultimate for blind pressing q

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