Patenting Game Mechanics: A Worse Idea Than Stadia (The Jimquisition)

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Patenting game mechanics is bad. It’s bad. It’s simply bad. So is Google Stadia, and we’re going to talk about both Google’s failings and Warner . Interactive’s patent hoarding.

Google ceases Stadia game development, Shadow Mordor’s Nemesis System becomes WB’s sole dominion, AND we to take a look what I’ve been doing in Monster Hunter lately. It’s what you all tuned in for.

Love you.


  1. Lets look at the bright side, hopefully EA patents lootboxes. Hopefully they stay only in FIFA forever.

  2. Jim Sterling is Jim Sterling nothing has really changed.

  3. imagine tvtropes being a database of patents.

  4. Imagine patenting a camera angle in a film. Only Spielberg can do a dolly shot etc. That’s how dumb this is.

  5. Friendly reminder that singular “they” has been in use longer than the English language has had its currently recognizable form

  6. Me: *Throws a punch*

    Warner Bros: That’ll be Five Dollars.

  7. Warner Bros: We now Own a thing we didn’t create, and now people have to pay us to use it.
    Gamers: Hooooray!
    Smart Gamers:…..the fuck is wrong with these people?

  8. Remember that time the creators of “Candy Crush” trademarked the word ‘candy’?

  9. Alright that’s it I’m patenting patents, pay up Warner bros.

  10. I shall henceforth be referring to Shadow of Mordor as *”Assassin’s Creed: Arkham Asylum, Mordor edition”*

  11. Stadia: The joke that wrote itself.

  12. The reason this is a bad idea can be boiled down to this: Imagine Nintendo copyrighted item-based progression in an adventure game. Or Square copyrighting Vancian magic in RPG’s. It serves to stagnate the medium. Nothing more.

  13. “Momma Sterling, the game industry is being an ass again!”

  14. “patenting game mechanics is bad” to anyone who doesn’t understand that we learn and grow from iteration, take a look at the current state of academia where the quality of scientific discoveries is in absolute shambles since everyone is expected to make a “new” study and not comfirm or deny results from any other study

  15. “if only we could shackle everyone else’s creativity, that way we wouldn’t seem like such backrupt fuck hacks”

  16. Its funny how you never see the “FREE MARKET!” crowd advocating for less pro-corporate patent and copyright laws that would actually encourage more free competition.

  17. “This ain’t your mamas Jim Sterling… It’s your mama Jim Sterling”.

    Fucken Gold.

  18. Google: “ISPs won’t do something like add restrictive data caps to users.”
    Comcast: “Beginning 1/1/21, we’re going to add restrictive data caps to all customers.”

  19. “If only people cared about abuse allegations as much as they care about asses.”

    A sad truth.

    -Corporate Slaves

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