Patent Trolls Attempting To Shake Down Clicker Heroes Dev


Patent trolls are especially despicable, to the point where I’d probably celebrate even Activision Blizzard putting one down.

Targeting smaller developers offering them glorified blackmail options is their stock and trade though, and here we see GTX Corp trying to give Playsaurus some classic shakedown treatment.


  1. Good job I have Notifications on for you cuz the sub box never shows em #conspiracy

  2. chungus

  3. Clicker Heroes is definitely one of the better clicker/idle games. Sucks that this situation is going on.

  4. patent trolls do so much harm

  5. damn it Mr. Shakedown

  6. Patent trolls tend to more of a scam than you think since they don’t even make their own patents and just buy them up for the cheap from other people.

  7. What an absolute chungus.

  8. I like how Jim went from “THIS IS THE WORST THING” to “I don’t want it to call the worst thing as not to set a challenge for the industry”.

  9. Somewhere, Konami found an agenda item for their next meeting

  10. As someone who plays Clicker Heroes, the microtransactions barely exist. The worst you can say about them is the dollar to funbuck ratio is bad, seeing as I get about twice the funbucks I need every day for just playing which is around 8 dollars. Spending money wouldn’t alter my experience much, after you’ve gotten past the start of the game, the benefit for it is mainly wanting to support playsaurus.

  11. Why isn’t this unbelievably illegal?

  12. The All in one gamer

    misread the title as patient trolls attempting to shake down clicker heroes and had a completely different expectation from the title

  13. The whole patent industry is a joke at this point. It used to be that you had to have something that was unique and useful enough in order to get a patent. It required some sort of effort, not some loose concept like volumetric shadows or using an icon for one thing or another.

  14. 4:03 I do remember Tim Landel. And I remember how he was so scummy that his story ended up with EA of all people being the heroes. In honor of him, I have this to say…

    Edge, Edge Edge Edge, Edge Edge, Edge, Edge Edge Edge Edge Edge.

  15. Siebert Giovanni Kalele

    ohh GTX huh…
    gonna be fun if NVidia sue them for the name…

  16. Amusing thing is that with Clicker Heroes, it’s far easier to play without paying than to deal with paying for rubies. Their quests and popup targets get you enough to buy anything you could want from it.

  17. What the fuck? Let’s sue GTX for using Nvidia cards’ series name then lol

  18. “That’s a nice little free-to-play game with micro transactions you have there. Would be a shame if anything were to “happen” to it.”

  19. The dev should pay them….. with IN GAME CURRENCY! Also, the guy who makes X-Plane flight sim is in this boat too. he;s making a film about it and going to visit the empty offices that make up the various ‘companies’ that hold the patents.

  20. Reminds me of youtube claimants that create fake “songs” sampling commonly found audio, like cinematic dialogue, to claim huge amounts of LP footage as their own content for a small window of time. Which happened to me – today!

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