Patch 7.9 Maokai Is Fine…

Having fun with the new .

Song: Jet Set Radio Future – Oldies But Happies

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  1. The gragas though. ahahaha. Such a bully. >:O

  2. nice editing m80

  3. editing is INSANE

  4. Amazing editing very well played

  5. Kappadin The meme walker

    1:08 We all know where the missing ping went.

  6. lul dat edit xd

  7. whats the music at 00:55 when yasuo was fighting

  8. Kemal Yurtseven

    omg i laughed so hard, editing was perfect

  9. loool naruto music got me good. 10/10

  10. Gragas is never going to be able to walk into a brush the same way ever again.

  11. Alberto Samarotto

    all the dislikes are from salty adc mains

  12. Good editinng, pretty fun with jet set radio OST <3

  13. jesus christ gragas when will you get a fucking clue

    every time you walk near a brush you explode like you’re from the religion of peace

  14. Do Not Read My Profile Picture

    Hey guys *DONT LOOK AT MY NAME*

  15. holy fuck that jaws sample and camera view, my fucking sides

  16. Joe aka Micro Pena

    This was great. What is the Jinx screaming sound from? Can’t place it. XD

  17. jesus christ @ 1:24 lol

  18. sandy hook jhin

  19. what’s the song at 0:55
    its a map in osu and i cant find it and i loved it :((

  20. Dude I was vs a support maokai and those saplings were spammed in every single bush. The dumbest part is that they explode 3 times so they activate thunderlords.

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