PASSPARTOUT – Painting Puppet People

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  1. Immbasa Hung (仙山居士)

    I can’t draw, but it seems really nice to try.

  2. Hey, this is pretty awesome!

  3. A Jim video pops up while watching Jim’s videos. Oh, joy!

  4. A Steam Greenlight submission that isn’t shit? Has hell frozen over?

  5. AI that judges paintings? Well, that’s gonna be interesting…

  6. A greenlight trailer for a game that is not shit?! What world is this?

  7. inb4 somebody makes a video of drawing dicks.

  8. How exactly does the game judge paintings? How does it know what painting
    is good and what painting is bad? That will either make or break the game.
    Because why put in a lot of effort when the game might just shoot down your
    painting as bad?

  9. That game just looks… pleasant. There aren’t enough pleasant games.

  10. Wait a minute! No 2D platforming of any kind, no retro inspired aesthetics,
    not a metroidvania? Holy shit, Jim, just when I thought those were the only
    games you’d ever feature on here you bring me this little jewel of a game.
    I like it, adore it, want it, preferably now.
    And also some props to you, Jim, for finding something interesting.

  11. I am still skeptical about the judging of customers, I doubt genuinely well
    made pictures would always get the praise they deserve.

  12. I wonder if anyone playing this game will draw any dicks and balls, or
    vulvas or even boobs?

  13. Not my kind of game, but I like the concept.

  14. Dude, that is just not okay. My uncle Pierre-Mathis Leone was absolutely
    destroyed by his crippling baguette addiction. It stole his health, tore
    his family apart, and led to him eventually committing accidental suicide
    by trapping himself in an invisible mime box. He was too high on baguettes
    to remember how to get out, and by the time he came down he was too
    delirious from dehydration. After 3 agonizing days he eventually ran out of
    air and suffocated. Baguette addiction is a serious topic, you can’t just
    throw it in there for shock value or as a goof. It’s an insult to all those
    who’ve lost their lives and livelihoods to a horrible plague that ravages
    the European countryside to this day.

  15. I like many commentors below am skeptical of how well the NPCs will be able
    to judge the paintings. How does it know what constitutes a good painting
    in the style they want?

  16. Argiris “RetroAmateur” Papadopoulos

    people are going to paint dicks, I guarantee it.

  17. I don’t know why but I lost it at the Hitler comment. XD

  18. I laughed my ass off at “careful, that’s how Hitler got started”

  19. If you want a new tablet, rather than spending a fortune on a Wacom I got a
    Huion for about 30 quid, and it might not be as good as a Wacom, but if you
    don’t use it much, it’s a lot cheaper

  20. This game will depend almost entirely on the quality of its “revolutionary
    AI that can judge you and your art”. This is a very difficult thing to
    design and there will almost certainly be exploitable loopholes fro
    acceptance of crap art as well as common rejection of good art.

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