Paper Mario: The Origami King – Justin Loves The Mario Man (Justinpressions)

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Hello, IR;m Jim Sterling. I didn’t ask him to do this, but Justin did his own video about Paper Mario: The Origami King because I couldn’t be bothered. So this is what he thinks about it!


  1. I am here for this, GO OFF JUSTIN!

  2. We want more more Justin. A weekly Justin.

  3. I like how many collectibles that the game has reminds me of Rareware’s collectathon platformer games.

  4. Hey more Justin!
    That guy is so chipper, I’m glad he got his own video.

  5. Justin is most wholesome boy 💜

  6. Can we get a Justinquisition? I’d like to see this chill style tearing something a new one.

  7. If this becomes an actual show it should be called Just-Impressions

  8. ♀¨•♠ö║í±☻~

    I can’t believe it, the series was coming along so well, such a bold identity in a genre of bland samey-ness, then all of a sudden they flip the table and hand me a mango when I wanted an orange. How *dare* they defile this series so callously!

    But enough about Jimpressions, let’s have a go at Paper Mario

  9. Now THIS is subversion of expectations for the Jimquisition like I could never guess

  10. “I DON’T CARE.” is better than 7 out of 10. 😏

  11. Well, that was a fine first foray into Jim’s channel thorough someone else’s eyes, keep being awesome Justin.

  12. This Just In:
    Editor Is Excellent With Opinions And Talking. Rapturous Crowd Demands More.

  13. I love how Justin is the complete opposite of the Jim Sterling persona. This is a welcome addition to a channel otherwise saturated with fury and righteous indignation.

  14. But they nailed combat in the first Paper Mario. Why must they do this.

  15. I do not mind seeing more Justinpressions if Justin will cover games Jim does not care about. Your commentary is great, Justin.

  16. I thought Justin is just a figment of Jims shattered imagination…

  17. It’s kind of a jarring experience but honestly it’s ballsy of Jim to let someone else (even close to him) let someone else express themselves on his channel. I can imagine maybe it was a bit nerve wracking to think of doing. Or not, lol, I dunno whether or not that’s the case. But I have to say I am cool with it, accepting, and you did a really good job! 🙂

  18. Sathoren (The Fallen Human)

    Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot and his minions have continued going unpunished for the past *five* days.

    On a less related note, the game looks gorgeous. Not feeling the combat system, though.

  19. “And then my rage burns with the fury of a thousand suns” soft spoken cute boy says in a clear, comforting tone X)

  20. First off, Justinpressions is something i am 1000% for.
    Second off: I’m thoroughly convinced paper mario is a series where the peoplr on the ground floor understand why people love it but the people actually calling the shots don’t understand at all, nor do they care. The result is a game with the charm and details but core structure that flies on the face of anything approaching good design

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