[PapaSmithy VOD Review] LCS Playoffs Spring 2019: Cloud9 vs. TSM Game 1

League of Legends analyst & LCK caster PapaSmithy reviews Cloud9 vs. TSM from 4/6/2019.

Cloud9 enter LCS Spring 2019 Semifinals against their old enemies TSM – What follows is one of the most famous series in LCS history.


  1. i love both teams, ik you are asking your twitch chat but I still wanted to answer.

  2. Reapered after hearing about Lissandra
    “Listen Buddy”

  3. holy crap the whole bo5? did I wake up in heaven?

  4. Sona directly increases Hecarim’s damage because of his passive

  5. Huge fan PapaSmithy! Been listening since the first season you casted LCK! Smartest caster in my opinion. And yes, I AM a C9 and TSM fan and I have trouble sleeping at night.

  6. I think with how much chat interaction these Vod reviews include, it’d benefit your review to include the direct twitch link to it in the description, or show chat on screen.

  7. Thank you for this! Made my week 🙂

  8. Some LEC love papa?

  9. I like both! I was a TSM fan before C9 even joined the league and couldn’t help but respect how they came crashing on the scene. Also due to their international success I’ve ended up just rooted for them for so long. I do have the TSM preference so I am happy, but unless TSM gets utterly dumpstered (like I was afraid they would after 0-2) then usually I go away satisfied at least.

    Edit: Also last year Reapered impressed me SO much. I was astounded how much a great coach can make a difference. Most teams that start the way they did and starts swapping players is a dumpster fire, but he turned it around. He’s also the first time I ever really valued a coaching staff when looking at matchup since Kkoma.

  10. Daniel Congleton

    I miss the montecristo dual vod. Thanks for keeping this alive. I subscribed

  11. as a 2019 berg fan, this series + papa vod review cured my E.D

  12. my kind of ASMR

  13. Thank you Papa Smithy

  14. 32? still young.

  15. I think it is possible to love both, I genuienly enjoy watching both play each other, and I find myself cheering for both and feeling sad for whoever loses. The “rivalry” theme might be getting a little old, but when it boils down to it, I feel that there is definitely something. Not quite what TSM v CLG was back in the days, but this is definitely something that shouldn’t be dismissed. Thanks for the VOD review!

  16. I feel you Papa. I also watch League now since WCG 2010, i was a Big SK Fan bag then. Damn that’s now almost 9 Years…

  17. TSM fan during the na split C9 fan at worlds right?

  18. I like both – TSM and C9. I watch both teams’ games. I like TSM because of the EU mid and adc ;D. I like C9 not only because of their EU mid, but also because of their spectacular game-play style. However I LOVE G2…

  19. I’m a TSM fan no matter what by heart, but I love C9 as well because they always put on a great series against TSM in the playoffs, so I respect them as rivals but also cheer for them at world events because I support the NA Region (I was born in NY and play in NA lol) so I love watching the two teams go at it

  20. Excited to see why TSM won and lord our victory over C9. If TSM had lost I would not have the spiritual constitution to relive the series in a grueling multi-hour watch.

    Also CLG vs TSM began dying as soon as LCS began. C9 replaced them immediately in the summer of S3. It seemed poised to take off again when CLG won S5 summer, we took DL, and then CLG won S6 spring in a Bo5, but then it died out again. It’s like population growth trends, and CLG is the bubonic plague. Population always increases throughout history, but it dipped briefly due to the bubonic plague outbreak. The CLG vs TSM rivalry always died off, but it briefly reversed in a tiny spike during Summer5/Spring6.

    Anyways, people talk about it because of historical reasons, but it feels like a joke every time someone brings it up.

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