Paladins’ Loot Boxes Are A Bit Too Battlefront II

industry’s addiction to loot boxes mirrors that the “whales” they’re so ready to exploit.

It’s now spread to Paladins, which has updated to share eerie similarities with Battlefront II.

Because doing that right now a clever idea.

PC Gamer article:


  1. I am sick of loot boxes. The only loot is the money the game developers get.

  2. I fucking hate this card shit, what happened to multiplayer games just requiring actual skill?

  3. hi-rez always had terrible buniess models. rember tribes ascend always, and how a goty edition fucking killed it.

  4. In theory this idea isn’t too horrible. It only affects the casual side of the game and gaining cards in the game prior to this update would mean grinding Essence and if you’ve played for as long as I have that can take A WHILE. You also can’t buy the lootboxes with real money anymore with this update and this game is Free to play. It also takes away the fun part about Paladins though: The different builds you can make distinguishing your character from others. 1 point in a single card makes a WORLD of difference. It’s not implemented yet and they tend to listen to the community so I don’t think it’ll gain any traction.

  5. So warframe is the last enjoyable user friendly game (yes it has microtransactions but they don’t have lootbox bollocks you get exactly what you want in terms of skins etc.)

  6. why the fuck did you do this HI-REZ?! Paladins had a great card loadout system! Once you unlocked the card, that was it. You “Levelled” the card in your loadout. Basically, you have 12 points to start with in your loadout which can be spent on the level of card you want in your loadout. You can level a card up to level 4, but that’s going to cost 4 points, meaning you only have 8 points to spend across your 4 other cards. So, you could in theory have two 4 cost cards, a 2 cost card and a 1 cost card. You’d be really good at two specific areas, but kinda bad with your other upgrade. Or, you could have a more middling loadout and have two 3 cost cards and three 2 cost cards so you’ve got a more rounded out loadout/build. My preferred loadout is for a DPS called Viktor. The upgrades i’ve chose mean that when i hit an enemy with a grenade, i get 2 seconds refunded on the cooldown, i get 12 bullets put directly back into my guns magazine, when i get a kill i get 12 bullets back into my magazine and my magazine has 6 more bullets in it than normal. This was all done free to play and was a decent loadout, i never felt at a disadvantage with this style of build.

    If this is HI-REZ trying to get in on the GoW4 mentality of loot-box, i’m out. sorry paladins, but OW won.

  7. “But it’s free though Jim listen it’s fre-” actually watch the video for god’s sake.

  8. Ugh. I just saw this game was free on PS4 too, and was gonna give it a try.
    Fuck that. Thanks for the heads up, Jim. I do appreciate it!

  9. Just so you have an idea of the system Jim, it would take you to grind or buy, 4800 chests to get all the cards to level 5, which means literally, years of playing the game for free or thousands of dollars.

  10. 2 more things:
    At the moment, you can actually purchase keys for the lootboxes that guarantee you a legendary, you can even purchase a class specific legendary key to make the rng even lesser. (53 hours in as a f2p, I have only gotten 1 legendary out of the what, 550 I need to max out all?)

    Also, this affects people in ranked greatly. They cannot practice new champions since they are limited to possibly lower level cards in the casual mode, meaning when they go competitive they will not be able to use the same build they used before, and it can throw them off with the timing, damage etc.

  11. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    How long will it take for the whole world to turn into a loot box?

  12. Sounds like the poor man’s overwatch just got more expensive.

  13. Seems like everyone wants to hit the lever these days.

  14. Hi-rez: Let’s just ignore all the backlash, what could go wrong….

  15. It’s a damn shame, Paladins is a fun game that only started getting a fair shake after a while, but then they go and do this shit. At least the entire community seemingly hates it, even the usual shills for Hi-Rez can’t seem to contort themselves hard enough to go to bat for the new cards, so here’s hoping they get enough backlash to stop being a gaggle of cunts.

  16. There’s your first problem, jim; you thought hi-rez wouldn’t do something scummy. Well, as you can see here, you were wrong. They’ve done scummy things in the past, like abandoning two live games they’ve made (global agenda and tribes ascend) in order to push out smite while the moba craze was still alive and kicking.

    fuck hi-rez, but more importantly, fuck lootboxes.

  17. “Good publicity for (Paladins’ Creators) is not in the cards”…. Maybe they can purchase more Pallyfront cards and try again?

  18. Imagine if when you got your paycheck it was a loot Box?

  19. When will it end

  20. That bomb king gameplay looks familiar!

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