Paladins Fans Protest ‘Pay-To-Win’ Loot Boxes With Hilarious Low-Effort Fan Art

Cards Unbound has not proven popular among the Paladins fanbase. They protested it the only way they know how – terrible artwork!

Thanks to Seth for the tip!


  1. Not Paladins! You were the chosen one!

    Okay not really.

  2. I think I have more respect for this protest than anything I’ve seen this year so far.

  3. Take notes, Jim. THIS is how you protest against loot boxes


  5. So, to fight against the Loot Boxes in a FTP- Game, the Community turned the Paladins Sub-Reddit into DeviantArt?


  6. Apparently sonic has this movement going for ages

  7. wow I checked out gravity Boom and you aren’t the only one they repost everything of. There was dunkey stuff, Esport matches, some gamer realtalk whatever content, nothing home-made it seems they are just a hub of what seems like someones youtube Subscriptions all re-uploaded. Weird. Also a dickmove.

  8. oh yeah Metal Gear Survive launches today, I forgot that game.

  9. I love how Paladins said over and over again that they weren’t ripping off Overwatch, and then a year later they blatantly rip off PUBG. And now that they’re ripping off Battlefront 2.

  10. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  11. They should protest with really good Rule 34 imo :^)

  12. And on the other side of the Internet is Yoko Taro, drowning in exquisitely drawn 2B butt art

  13. The Inconceivable Glueman

    It’s *ART*

  14. I quit Paladins after they introduced the Pay to Win mechanics with essence, essentially a third kind of currency we had to collect.

    This is beautiful, though.

  15. Does Paladins even need loot boxes when they saved money by just cloning Overwatch?

  16. I hope you have permission to pre-post Gravity Boom’s content.

    (This is a joke… I wouldn’t normally feel the need to point it out, but it’s also YouTube… so…)

  17. “Gravity Boom” should be the name of SterDust’s finisher.

  18. I used to play this game so much… Till they updated the loot boxes… It all went down the drain after QB63

  19. I used to play this game so much until they ruined everything by removing/reworking “high mobility” characters. You know, the unique thing that Paladins had over Overwatch in my opinion. Reworking characters that nobody asked for like Torvald, Androxus. Buffing OP characters already like Viktor. Devs confirming that they won’t Balance PC from consoles even though they have completely different meta because of the control schemes. Reworking card system. So much bullshit. It wasn’t fun anymore. And this coming from a relatively good player (I do have some vids on the game)and a former hardcore fan. But I just couldn’t keep supporting it.

  20. Everyone knew Hi-rez would fuck up their game eventually.
    Overwatch is still better

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