PALADINS – Bomb King Was A Mistake

Facing off against actual humans and… not doing awfully, actually.

mistakes were made, though.


  1. here come the retards with the it’s a owerwtach ripoff

  2. Free-to-play games are always have the best and most original game play …

  3. Overwatch has full game skins now?

  4. All the overwatch fanboyism over this makes me laugh. If overwatch is
    overtaken (lol) by this game, it would deserve to fail.

  5. One thing i can give this game is that a Fantasy themed shooter is a very
    rare thing, and i like the idea.
    They should have gone more fantasy and less tech oriented though.

  6. I’ve been having fun with Paladins and Overwatch, neither are original and
    both are fun

  7. It’s more like Battleborn than Overwatch tbh

  8. Poor men’s OW.

  9. Legend says Jim still couldn’t be able to use Bomb King’s ulti.

  10. If it’s an OW ripoff, it’s inherently a TF2 ripoff. Bai lol

  11. I love the champion designs for this game, specially Grover, his stoner
    personality gives me a good laugh whenever he rambles.

  12. 倪传历(AllenSpellwaver)

    This game actually has noticeable time to kill.

  13. At least Paladins gets Sombra before Overwatch.

  14. I was watching this video on the edge of my seat just waiting for you to
    say Battleborn so I could validate my existence. Thankfully you said it in
    the first three minutes so I wasn’t waiting to cum for too long.
    Anyway I’m still playing it, and while I’ve very rarely had 20 minute waits
    10 minute wait times are not uncommon, and since not many people are
    playing I’m typically set up to face a bunch of low level people just
    starting up the game or returning to it after months of inactivity. Whereas
    I have about 550 games under my belt and win just a few decimal points over
    66% of the time. I try to go easy on them so as not to discourage them and
    to hopefully not make them quit playing but… it’s hard, especially when I
    have a good team and I start to lock into grooves with them and we all know
    how to team comp and the enemy don’t. I really really wish that the game
    hadn’t come out when it did, maybe if it was a few months before or after
    that bastard Overwatch and its cult of personality it could’ve stood a
    chance, been judged on its own merits, and a had decent community but
    now… well, I’m The Last of the Montanas.

  15. Overall, I’d say Overwatch is better looking and easier to watch, but
    Paladins is more interesting to play because it has more complex game
    mechanics. Overwatch being B2P through account and Paladins
    being F2P through Steam account is also a consideration. More game modes
    would be good for both.

  16. ive played this game enough to know that when skye says “Times ticking” I
    shit my pants and run to cover
    the area of effect for it is huge


  17. Scroll back up, overwatch fanboys have already vandalized the comments

  18. What’s the balance like in Paladins? I know Overwatch’s balance is very
    good, and from what I know Battleborn’s is as well

  19. looks like Warcrafts art style.

  20. its a Smite copycat more then overwatch TBH. its the same company but the
    interface is almost identical as well as some reused assets. (tree man
    Grover identical to one in Smite)

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