Paladins Battlegrounds

Anyways wasn’t even the first FPS so there.


  1. Bro Overwatch: PaladinUnknown’s Fortnite is gonna be game of the year it’s my fave game dude

  2. any game u get to ride on horses is instantly good

  3. Dunkey, are you alright, the last time you posted this often you had to make enough videos to pay that rent, I hope you’re ok.

  4. dunkey silences the haters in one swift blow

  5. Banana Backstabber

    So PUBG ripped off of CS, Fortnite ripped off PUBG, and Paladins ripped off Fortnite. So logically they are all ripping of inception with there rip off inception.

  6. I’m so confused.

  7. “Drakes car looks like a hot wheels toy” XD

  8. do more overwatch

  9. Not sure if I should trust dunk because I got a League of Legends ad before this video

  10. Calm down there Jontron, people are gonna start saying you’re ripping off my boy videodunky

  11. Ugh, my brain is hurting Dunkloo they’re all the same game

  12. I know its all jokes, but he is throwing so many false facts on a screen displaying a different game from what he is describing a completely different scenario I cant even keep up with the joke. This is pure genius.

  13. Hi-Rez made two amazing games. Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend and they failed. So now they just copy everyone else.

  14. Dark Souls is a rip off of Dark Souls 2

  15. I think im having a stroke, what is happening?

  16. PlayerPaladin’s Homogenous Battlegame

  17. I came here to get educated but now I’m just more lost.

    Did Overwatch turn into Fortnite? And Paladins is actually PUBG? And the Lunar Landing was done by BRAZILIANS?!

  18. No one is gonna play it because fortnite is free lmfao. The only reason people played paladins was because Overwatch wasn’t free

  19. This is an editing mastapiece

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