Defense Grid: The Awakening


Defense Grid: The Awakening from Hidden Path Entertainment is thought by many to be THE tower defense game for the PC.

Hordes of aliens are invading and your job is to strategically place fortified towers to channel these enemies for annihilation through a maze of death. Doesn’t that sound nice? Plan your strategy by making choke points so your various towers can wreak havoc before the aliens can disable the power core and overrun the base.


For each level, you get advance knowledge the aliens are coming and their expected route of attack. The alien vanguard is light but each wave gets stronger and more numerous so it takes more and more towers to take them out. An ‘incoming’ bar at the top shows what’s coming next so you can plan an effective defense. Beware the bosses with special abilities as they are truly powerful and will give your most carefully laid plans lots of trouble. You gain resources to to upgrade and build more towers from killing aliens and having power cores in your containment facility, which the aliens are trying to reach and disable. Stop them at all costs!


The graphics in Defense Grid are stunning, the music is terrific and even the commentary is memorable. It is single player only, but each level has multiple challenges for the die-hard tower defense lovers. The achievements are difficult and actually feel like true accomplishments. There are also several DLCs for even more action, including one that hilariously parodies the Portal franchise. The developers for this indie game are very good about responding and interacting with players.

Darksiders and the end of days Apocalypse


Darksiders is an Apocalyptic hack and slash adventure from Vigil Games set upon an Earth being destroyed by the final battle between Angels and Demons.

We take on the role of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to be set loose at the End of Days to judge the wicked – Angels and Demons alike. War is a mystical character that has an immense set of powers which can be combined in order to create the ultimate destructive force. Inexplicably, he appears alone and before the required Seven Seals are broken, and is accused by the Charred Council of actually starting the Apocalypse. Protesting his innocence, War loses most of his powers and is sent out to find out what really happened.


War’s main mission in Darksiders is to determine how only he was summoned without his Horsemen brothers and without the Seven Seals being broken, while also fighting through the remaining forces on Earth. The plot thickens, and the quests ultimately lead you to a Black Tower where you need to defeat the unknown Destroyer who holds all the answers.


The whole Darksiders experience relies on killing enemies, creating attack combos and exploring the game world in order to find valuable items. While it might not sound like much at first, Darksiders successfully incorporates all the elements that made games such as Devil May Cry or God of War popular. When you damage an enemy enough, you will receive a QTE (Quick Time Event) option for a special finishing move using some impressive combos. While this mechanic might get boring after a while, its inclusion help diversify the game.


At its core, Darksiders is a single player action-adventure game with lots of platforming elements that is seamlessly integrated into the story, and only by mastering it you will be able to reach the areas where all the secrets are hidden. These help you gain experience points or, if you are lucky enough, you can get skill points. By gathering the in-game items you can sell them for a currency which can then be used to purchase upgrades so you become even more powerful.


You start with the mighty sword Chaoseater and as you play you will also unlock the deadly Scythe and the Tremor Gauntlet. Each has impressive combos you can unlock for major mayhem. Collecting souls from the dead also allow you to unlock certain Wrath powers to enhance your offense or defense. However the biggest power of all is when War can transform into Chaos Form, similar to the fiery Balrog in The Lords of the Rings, and wreak great havoc for a limited time. The bosses in Darksiders add a lot of variety to the game because they do bring character and charisma, since each one of them is very well designed and requires certain strategies to overcome.


From a graphical standpoint the game really shines, as it truly brings you a beautiful story in high definition. The locations look stunning, War is cleverly designed and the models are great. Animations are more than fluid, which in the end create a visual package that appeals to a lot of platform gamers. We encountered some small texture problems from time to time, especially when it came to climbing, but other than that the graphics in Darksiders are solid and contribute tremendously in creating a gritty atmosphere for an Apocalypse game.


The soundtrack is fast paced and well suited to the action-packed game play. The voices in the game are also solid and enhance the overall value of both the game and its story. Sounds by themselves are quite realistic overall, and that’s really helpful when it comes to adding value to the game.


In conclusion, Darksiders is a game that successfully immerses us into a world of chaos and conflicts. War is a great character and the story is exciting even if a bit over the top. This game is an action-adventure gem, and we truly recommend you to give it a try right now.

Check out the Darksiders walkthough videos here.

Dwarfs!? and the Power of 2

Dwarfs!? is an clever 2D arcade game from indie developer Power of Two where you control a dwarven colony as they dig deep underground, looking for treasure but always stumbling into dangerous caves and hostile denizens who threaten their very survival. Silly dwarfs. They soooo crazy! They just can’t stop…

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Killing Floor Co-op Survival Horror FPS

killing floor bedlam shotgun

Killing Floor is a dark, gritty and terrifying indie game where co-op players battle to survive after a biological contagion releases cloned bloodthirsty human mutations upon the streets of London.

Originally developed as a mod for Uneal Tournament 2004, it became popular enough to release as a stand alone video game in 2009 by Tripwire Interactive and is still supported by the devs to this day, with an active player base.

killing floor trader

Killing Floor is a first person shooter, with each match taking place in one of dozens of unique maps around England, where the players fight waves of zombie-like hordes until the ‘boss’ Patriarch appears to wreak havoc and the match ends in victory or death. It’s survival horror right at it’s very core. Players earn money by killing specimens and staying alive each wave, and between waves they may buy or sell weapons and body armor at a trader while it’s temporarily safe.

killing floor perk effects sharpshooter

Each player may select a perk at the start of the match and switch between waves. Each perk is like a character class, and gives bonuses to certain items and play style. Each level up to a max of 6 gives increased bonuses, and Perks are leveled up using specifics to each class.

  • Field Medic – Bonuses to healing and body armor with slight movement bonus.
  • Support Specialist – Damage bonuses when using shotguns and welding bonus.
  • Sharpshooter – Damage bonuses when using sniping weapons and scoring headshots.
  • Commando – Damage bonuses when using assault weapons
  • Berserker – Damage bonuses using melee weapons with movement bonus and damage reduction.
  • Firebug – Damage bonuses when using fire weapons and resistance to fire.
  • Demolitions – Damage bonuses when using explosives.

Beginner tip: Until you have a perk at level 5, you will always start a match with a knife and a pistol, so the best perk to start with is the Sharpshooter for it’s bonus damage using pistols as well as head shots. If you pick anything else you’re just gimping yourself, and the team. You can switch perks after the next wave when you have enough money to buy a better weapon.

killing floor frightyard kfo axe

Killing Floor can be played single player or co-op multiplayer up to a team of 6, with the game scaling automatically to fit the number of players and difficulty level. As either increases, so does the number and strength of most of the specimens coming to kill you. This makes team playing very important and players who don’t work together usually don’t last very long. Up to 32 zeds at a time randomly appear at various spawn points on each map, and head towards the nearest player. This means these mutated creatures could easily appear from above or behind your position and surprise you if you’re not careful.

Killing Floor also supports custom mods from players covering anything from new maps and items to new perks and profiles. I recently played a map which was a replica of Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings. Trippy. A great feature is if you join a server that is using mods, they will be downloaded automatically for you. You can also find and install them manually if you wish to play solo, or even set up your own server.

killing floor workshop

Killing Floor has a large number of downloadable content (DLCs) that are mostly cosmetic, providing different skins for the player or new items such as the gold plated AK47. The new weapons are roughly equivalent to existing weapons so these DLCs are mostly for show and to support the developers. The Commando Chicken outfit seems to be popular.

killing floor dlcs

Although basically Killing Floor is about killing the crazed mutated specimens and surviving the match, the replay value is there due to the dynamics of team play, different strategies and random enemy spawns. Some teams may ‘camp’ a certain area so they know the direction the zeds must come from and try to defeat them with massed firepower, where other teams may keep moving around the map, kiting the zeds so as not to be surrounded. Both tactics are viable depending on the map and the players but make no mistake – this game is challenging. Even the best players will find themselves getting eaten more often than not on the higher difficulties. The simple yet clever game play in Killing Floor is what makes it so enjoyable.

Zeno Clash a surreal fantasy world

Zeno Clash is an first person fighting game from Chilean developer Ace Team set in a surreal fantasy world best understood while on mind altering substances. Playing the role of Ghat, the son of a bizarre creature called Father-Mother, whose ‘children’ form the most powerful clan in the city of…

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