Overwatch | Nintendo Switch Announcement

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The world needs heroes.
The fight for the future arrives on Nintendo Switch October 15!
Pre-Purchase NOW: blizz.ly/OWSwitch


  1. Sans from Earthbound

    Yay now I can lose SR on the go!

  2. If this has a port to Nintendo switch-
    Imagine the possibility of one of them being in smash- jk…unless

  3. Now I can play “Daddy Rein beats his kids” while on the go

  4. Someone’s gonna break their back trying to do a 180 mccree flick i just know it

  5. Blizzard: we will not add Overwatch to Switch
    Blizzard few months later: *adds Overwatch to Switch*

  6. I wonder how many minutes is the queue on dps ?

  7. Not touching this unless we get cross-progress with PC.
    I’m NOT unlocking my skins twice.

  8. where are my Nintendo themed skins? I want my Hammond in a pikachu costume in a poke ball.

  9. That tiny thing can run overwatch while my laptop cant even start anymore

  10. This isn’t what we meant by “please switch,” but I’ll take it.

  11. So Overwatch is on the switch now…

    Blizzard : Are you okay? You look mad.



  13. Trailer: “You can aim with motion controls!”

    Splatoon players: **Heavy breathing**

  14. Switch: NEW WAYS TO PLAY
    Me: Oh yes, on the *toilet*

  15. Playing Hanzo on toilet in public washroom head phones come unpluged, Hanzo says time to unleash the dragon.

  16. Why don’t you make this the new trailer of overwatch

  17. You new switch players are screwed. This is being catered to the splatoon players for sure

    • I played a lot of hours on Splatoon and on Overwatch on pc if I don’t get Top 500 now I never will…
      Except I’m probably not getting the game on switch cause I’m happy with my pc version and I would only get it if you could transfer Nintendo themed skins to the PC version

    • TSaulio the motion controls will be key as they give a huge advantage. Splatoon players will reck everyone.

  18. I still don’t have Netflix on my switch

  19. I hope Tracer will a hug a Luma (from Super Mario Galaxy) for her new emote.

  20. As if getting teammates to join voicechat in comp wasn’t difficult enough on other platforms, now imagine doing so on Switch.

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