Overwatch – Main & Victory Theme… KAZOO’d!

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My version/rendition of the as well as the .

Kazoos never die.


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Please give me your feedback, guys. Did you like the song? The format? Would you like more of this kind? I try something new in every video, so it is important to me to know where I am going. 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, I do most of my decisions with you, my friends, on there. And feel free to comment, share, and suggest me some music to kazoo via Twitter, Facebook or mail. I look at all of them.

Enjoy. 🙂


  1. Sophisticated Fart

    notification squad ASSEMBLE!

  2. Ethan “Preebus” Lang


  3. I guess Mercy came around and revived this channel. Cool.

  4. De l’art je dis <3

  5. Who do you play in Overwatch Tsuko?

  6. I’m wrestling with some insecurity issues in my kazoo but thank you all for
    kazooing with me.


  8. Kawaii & Otaku Studio

    Ici est la zone débat francophone: (#NoRacismeHein)

  9. 0:38 Admit it, you came for this part.

  10. This is actually the theme of my upcoming side scroller game ft. me

  11. This is amazing.
    Now you made me wonder if it is possible to kazoo TF2 theme.

  12. 0:00 – Overwatch (*SNES, 1991*)
    0:39 – Overwatch: Origins Edition (*Genesis, 1992*)

  13. This is the greatest cover and its with a Kazoo. Life’s crazy

  14. do u luigi mansion ending please also do training room
    it will sound awesome

  15. Ah… the theme I never hear… I love it :)

  16. I mean i could study, but i also could watch this ten times over.

  17. Kirby the cute Ball (Mr. dumbly c:)

    name: Tsuko
    weapon: Kazoo
    enemies: anti-kazoo guys (?)

    Shift: His attacks make more damage, and the sounds make the enemy can’t
    hear the team

    E: Do a Mega-sound what do he jump, making a impact damage at all the
    “Ultimate”: Make everybody dance, and Kazoo can deal extra damage and all
    the sounds of the allies sounds like a Kazoo

  18. Hey! Saw your post on reddit! I’m so glad people are giving you more
    attention, that’s awesome!

  19. I’m trying to be a better kazooselk. It’s hard but I’m trying, guys.

  20. This is dumb. I love it :D

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