Overwatch League in a Nutshell


Biggie Smalls feat.
A-ha – Take On Me (Remix) – https://soundcloud.com/milkshakemancp/a-ha-take-on-me-milkshakes-silly-dnb-mix

Outro Song – Ocean Man – Ween (xDEFCONx Synthesia Remake) – https://soundcloud.com/xdefconx/ocean-man-ween-xdefconx-synthesia-remake-link-in-the-description

Still reading, what are you doing?


  1. If you guys like this video I’ll make a part two!
    Hope you enjoy <3

  2. This was amazing. Captured all the fun and intensity of the league in 1 video. Part 2 or GTFO ??

  3. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    *wipes hand over mouth, sees blood on hand*
    …That makes sense.

  4. I doubted the seriousness of the overwatch league, but this neither shatters or meets my expectations. This is something new of its own. I don’t know how to feel about it.

  5. they ate BEANS FOR 2 WEEKS??????

  6. this is why people dont play overwatch

  7. dabbing in 2018 should be illegal and give you a death sentence.


  9. **M. E. M. E.**

  10. This video is going to blow up just like the minecon cringe compilation.

  11. Wow. xQc is just a cringe machine with legs. Everything about him is just…

  12. This got me laughing so hard, loved it 🙂

  13. If you can nerf countries and their Overwatch teams, South Korea would be even more nerfed than Mercy lmao

  14. R O L L E D A N D S M O K E D M Y D O G G I E S

  15. I will not allow you to chant USA when there is only one american player on Dallas Fuel

  16. Just wondering, what was the genre of the “Take On Me” Remix?

  17. >When everyone except South Korea is competing for 2nd place

  18. Just stop please

  19. they need to create a meme team for OWL and McCreamy can be its lord and savior

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