Overwatch but with Cats – “Katsuwatch” – Tank Heroes

I finished the Tank Heroes!

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Additional FX by Shane Newville

Special thanks to all my stream viewers and discord members! 🙂

All rights to Overwatch belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

Sony Vegas

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  1. Square Squid Studios

    Thank you for the good feels

  2. The last one with zarnya xD

  3. JEFF butter rofl

  4. When you said in your stream that you couldn’t wait to show us D.va, I was so excited to see it … And it exceeded my expectations ^_^ Of course I love all the other Katsuwatch tank heroes too~ Your creativity is such a joy to watch!

  5. But where’s the Doritos Rain!?
    This turned out amazing. Glad I made it for most of the streams!

  6. As an ana main, I’m really waiting for the support class

  7. YAY!

    More Overcat………….And OverDog

    So D.Va is 2 Cats?

  8. Lol, Ki.T’s cat mech trying to eat the chips XD

  9. I can proudly say I tuned into every livestream that you did to make this!

  10. Winston is a dog……


  11. Wooston is a dog not a cat so it’s Katsu watch and dogsu watch

  12. I know that D.va looks cute the cat version!

  13. Felinehardt better have a basketball hoop alt skin

  14. Poor mech bunny trying to eat at 0:45 :3

  15. With “cats” but woof”ston” is a dog.

  16. Can’t wait for defense cause i want my baby catstion!! <3

  17. The Dva one when she bumps the bunny is so cute and funny ?

  18. Woofston! As if Winston couldn’t be any more adorable :3

  19. Archibald VonFookFace

    OMG Woofston is the best thing evar!!!

  20. Oh, what if it can become a mod for OW?

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