OVERWATCH (Beta) – The Kids What Wouldn’t Shut Up

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Hooking fools and suffering mic yammering in BlizzardR;s shooter funtime.


  1. zoufällegen numm

    that bastion play of the game stuggles so much with the controller xD
    @~14min in

  2. Thanks for reminding me why I decided not to play the free beta. That
    VOIP… ugh.

  3. allright Jim don’t get too emotional over ingame messages 😀 I personally
    enjoy the trashtalking, just don’t take it seriously. To be able to very
    easily cope with it, you have to keep only one rule in mind. If you happen
    to play with trolly or bully like ppl who start picking on you, always lie.
    Don’t do anything else, never answer anything that is true. Only lie. About
    everything. It’s gonna silence them so quickly, and also it’s gonna detach
    you emotionally from the responses you get.

  4. I agree with you when it comes to the PC gamers. I’m in asia so most
    players here are Korean. So the only English words in chat that where “Fuck
    You”. Thats all i’ve been getting from the Koreans last weekend.

  5. I’ve yet to hear anybody in the voice chat and I’ve played +10 hours

  6. Not sure why, but the sound of a 12 year old constantly yammering away in
    any game puts me in a seething rage. No, wait; I know *exactly* why. Sorry
    Jim, these chuckleheads basically ruined this video for me.

  7. lol because toxic 14 year olds are better than pc elitests.

  8. Just a quick tip Jim, mercy can also damage boost allies with her alt fire.
    I don’t think I saw you use that, so I thought you might not know about it

  9. The Rock Star Gamers

    Wait til those chatting kids file a copyright claim for using their voices

  10. Firstname Lastname

    I love how the comments are all damage-control by PC players, yet the video
    is still getting abnormally high dislikes. Just own it already like I do:
    PC community is just as shitty but in a different way.

  11. The Grim Reaper looking dude…. you mean Reaper ? xD

  12. Your laid back lets play style is refreshing af

  13. LateNightGaming - Halo News & Entertainment

    I’ve got a question Sir Sterling, why do you play fps games on ps4? The
    Xbox one is traditionally the “fps console” due to its controller being
    better fine tuned for first person gameplay. Is it due to ps4’s share
    feature why you play on ps4?

  14. 2:46 But how ultimate is ultimate?

  15. Failed MMO leftovers, no wonder they had to pay so much to get the
    marketing muppets to the public. Review some VR stuff, that’s the only
    really interesting new toy on sale atm.

  16. These days the video commentary sounds bored and non-committal. On
    Jimpressions basically every game gets ragged on, with barely any humour
    injected whatsoever and in the rare cases of grudgingly admitting something
    is decent, like Jalopy, the game isn’t even played properly. As for the “I
    play Overwatch on console instead of PC because of *you*, because of *you
    people*”, give it a rest dude. And then we see you bitching about the kids
    playing with you on this thing. Perhaps you should change your attitude.

  17. liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)

    Fps on console. Come on.

  18. MforZorro | Movesets

    Don’t you mean Team Fortress 2 in not shitty?

  19. The Rainbow Six Siege and Insurgency communities are pretty cool overall on
    PC. thankfully I dont tend to play games that have toxic communities
    (CS:GO, COD etc).
    Sadly I dont tend to play online on consoles because I don’t like being
    called the N word by a 12 yr old.
    Not that I want to say you’re wrong because I don’t think you are, just
    that we’ve clearly had polar opposite experiences! XD

  20. This looks brilliant, partially because it looks *so much* like TF2

  21. Don’t like playing on PC competitive games cause of the hardcoreness? Well
    then you better GIT GUD SUN.

  22. I am sorry that you had issues on PC , for me I never had any issues or
    rude players and I play online in so many games sins 1999. and never
    encounted children online (thank akatosh)

    I wish there was a way to mute kids , and teens… just in genral , dont
    know if its by pitch detection or account age (but 90% kids lie abut that)
    Just kids are immersion killing

  23. Overwatch on PC is just dandy. Screaming 12yo’s? Not from what I’ve
    noticed, plus PC players use Teamspeak or a variant anyway. What a slip you
    made there.. maybe do a Jimquisition on it and say you’re sorry for saying
    something so stupid (maybe you can pull of making it look like it was a
    joke that misfired because no-one get it) and that the retarded rebuttal to
    Canadiancookie was also made in a flash of stupidity.Seriously though, why
    didn’t you play a few rounds on the PC? It’s free anyway during beta and
    extended to May 10, 10 AM PDT.

  24. Team Fortress 3 is looking pretty dull, I think I’ll give this one a pass.

  25. “Because otherwise, i look like a stupid oopid”
    Thank god for you, Jim

  26. Nikolaj “Cohen” Jakobsen

    In the news: Jim Sterling gets exposed to the competitive pvp community 😛

    But seriously, the overwatch community has been quite nice so far, in my

  27. when your a retard and play a fps with a controller >->

  28. Roadhog is Pudge :)

  29. Guys leave Jim alone he is now aged so he can deal with children better now
    plus his bias view could come from a horrible experience on the pc. But i
    disagree with his reason of that the “community” we all know that no
    community is perfect and if he can not handle the pc community leave him be
    hes properly tired of it by now. Let us wish him a new life in the console
    world and hope that community doesn’t reject him over there as well.

  30. Holy shit that last game… The Mercy only healed 672 damage and that was
    STILL almost 50% of the damage taken. What the actual fuck xD I’ve had
    games where I heal almost 12,000 and its still only 33% :/

  31. I usually play my games on consoles but with Overwatch I have to admit that
    the PC version is wastly superior and even cheaper.

  32. Just FYI, the PC community has been great for the open beta so far. I’ve
    heard no one on a mic, (maybe voice chat is muted by default?) and can
    count on one hand the amount of stupid messages I’ve seen in the chat. 99%
    of players say nothing or give a simple “gg” at the end of a match.

    Honestly speaking, judging by your captured footage, the console players
    (not all of you, of course) are far more obnoxious. How can you put up with
    those kids rambling the entire match?

  33. (17:30) There’s a separate option in the menu to turn Mic’s off, it’s
    easily overlooked.

  34. Just “DatNLguy” on YT

    There’s a typo in the title. Shouldn’t it be ‘that’ instead of ‘what’?

  35. It’s amazing how arrogant and up their own arses pc players are. I played
    on pc for a while and I ran into just as many kids online than I have on
    consoles. You guys can keep lying though and keep pretending like pc is
    this fucking holy grail for spiritually ascended people. What a bunch of
    knobs! -_-

  36. I can’t believe it’s been nine years since TF2 came out, and I’m getting
    the same hankering for this game that I did back then for TF2. I don’t know
    if these games will have the same “internet-meme-victory-for-all-time-420”
    thing that TF2 had, but dat ass isn’t a bad start.

  37. Svetlana Sygiainen

    Premade kid raid?

  38. Millhouserino Kripperino

    I can’t see this being good on a console

  39. I think the world would be a better place, if everyone had a bit of Tracers
    ass in his/her life.

  40. I have played from the start of the early access on pc. I have played for
    over 30 hours and I have never come across any pc elitists, and I non of
    the matches had little kids constantly talking. The worst I ever had was a
    couple of people every now and then getting really salty and calling hacks
    when someone is actually decent.
    From what I have seen the community is not anywhere near as bad as you
    would expect from a competitive game on pc.

  41. as a pc gamer i can actually see the appeal of playing on console people
    seem more talkative on consoles but as you can hear in the mercy footage
    you get a lot of kids talking pointless stuff in the 200 matches i’ve
    played so far no one has ever spoken. occasionally people show bad
    sportsmanship after the match flaming posting “weak play” and the like it
    is a rather silent affair unless you seek out a group to play with.

  42. Just a little Mercy tip I picked up from my time playing the beta: If
    there’s nobody that needs healing, make sure you’re damage buffing someone,
    preferably a hero that can spam off projectiles if there’s no fighting
    going on, so that you’re putting your time and presence to good use.

  43. If you had such a bad experience with people telling you to play on PC,
    you’ve been listening to the wrong people. Because those who actually mean
    it will also tell you that, if you want to play on console, you can play on
    on console, that’s perfectly fine.

  44. I played the beta on the PC and Xbox One. I’m sorry, but there’s NO WAY
    I’ll buy this on console. It’s so freakin’ slow on console.

  45. The Ubiquitousmac

    I’ve been subscribed a while now, and I love your work. But I feel like
    this video all I could hear was you breathing in constantly. Do you have a
    more sensitive mic? Maybe I’m just dwelling irrationally on a hitherto
    unthought qualm, but I felt the need to mention..

  46. First gameplay I’ve seen from console and all I hear is screeching brats.
    Who would have thought.

  47. YAY Tracers arse :D

  48. I rather play with elitists than play with a bunch of screaming kids

  49. PC nerds super angry this one. Could have one of those mcdonalds french fry
    parties with all of this salt.

  50. Axel Kusanagi (AXELXu7)

    I’m a console player, and I always offer bad players advice on how to play

  51. U peasant

  52. no one talks at all on pc or xbox, but mainly because no one is in the
    voice channel.

  53. “I play competitive games on consoles for the community”
    20 seconds later
    “ignore the children in the background”
    Don’t change Jim.

  54. Upset the PC crowd there.

    That could be a play on words.

  55. Alphaprototype5

    Playing the beta on PS4 over weekend I havent come across anyone using a
    mic at all in the voice channel like that kid. Overwatch has been great for
    me and Im definitely gonna buy it even though Im not too good. However when
    me and my buddy were playing we found quite a few people playing either as
    the same character or using characters in the same class thinking they can
    one man army stuff like its CoD which is frustrating beyond belief. On the
    other hand though when you have players who know what to do making a
    coordinated effort it is so fun and satisfying.

  56. ‫איתמר מעוז‬‎

    D Va.D Va only.

  57. “He’s big and fat, which I like cause I could dress up like him”. Funny,
    that’s why I want to cosplay as you Jim

  58. Jim says he plays on console to avoid unpleasant, elitist PC community; PC
    community reacts by being unpleasant and elitist. Like a self fulfilling

  59. Never had any problems playing Overwatch on PC myself. Not really fair to
    single the PC ‘community’ out when consoles are just as if not worse. At
    least in my experience Xbox live was awful for mic abuse and was full of

  60. Jimmy boy

  61. I have played almost 100 hours during this beta and I never had someone
    going crazy by insulting everyone and not a single kid constantly speaking
    in his squiky annoying voice in the mic (which seems to be the case on
    console). People who used the chat on PC were using it to say “GG” at the
    end of the game or to discuss the composition (because someone needs to say
    something when 3 people want to be the stupid MLG-360-no-scoper of the game
    with Widowmaker which never works out), and the only times someone used the
    mic was to give a quick warning you wouldn’t have time to type (like
    “behind you” or “careful Widow is on the roof” etc).

    If you can’t handle a couple of elitist pricks on PC but can handle
    hundreds of kids never shutting up good for you. But I’d rather deal with a
    hot headed elitist who brings something to the game (even if it comes with
    a couple of insults) than with annoying kids.

    Also : controller aim <<<<<<<<<<<<< mouse aim

  62. FPS with a controller?! you’re a mad man!

  63. Toxicity is unfortunately very common in almost every multiplayer game.
    It’s the main reason I prefer single-player games. That said: I tried LoL
    once. …. never again.

  64. ProbablySpecial

    Can the ‘PC Masterrace’ stop whining about their deity being disrespected?

  65. 14:22 “i voted for Jim Sterling, noooooooo”

    Jim / someone, please isolate this!

  66. Battleborn isn’t bad, it just still needs some work. More stable servers,
    better optimization, anything that can make it run more smoothly. If
    comparisons must be made, Battleborn would do well to take after Overwatch
    in terms of how smooth it runs and how solid the shooting feels and the
    impact each character can make on a match.

    I definitely think Battleborn presents and taps into great potential, but I
    don’t think Gearbox has it as fully realized as it can be.

    PS: Mercy is good, but I really like Lucio for healing, his speed buff and
    his ambient healing are really good.

  67. The kids on the chat remind me of my time with COD:MW2 and BF3 on the 360,
    and to think that you pay to play online and then have to listen to that.
    Okay, you don’t HAVE to…to be fair. I much prefer having my own chat
    software and having a private group.

    Great game though, loving the Beta and am sold on the game. Potentially
    GOTY for me, as I can’t see anyone topping it this year.

  68. I’m level 23 on the open beta now so I have a little time played. I’ve
    never really met anyone all the toxic on pc yet, most seem nice. There’s
    definitely more compliments than swears in the chat. Only time I really see
    people getting annoyed is if the team comp is utter trash. I play on EU as
    well, so things might be different in the US.

  69. I’m just glad the console version is solid, too. I’ll be playing on PC,
    mostly because my old rig still runs it quite well, but perhaps I’ll play
    it on PS4 at a discount later.

  70. Idk how you can play this with a controller

  71. Jolly Good Galaxy

    get gud scrub

  72. It’s fun watching console footage from Overwatch for the first time, it’s
    like all the characters had a night of hard partying and after that they go
    straight into battle.

  73. VermillionSquad

    Christ are you playing with 4 year olds?

  74. Squeakers won’t be much of a problem when the game fully releases anyway,
    unless they have a rich mommy or daddy willing to spend 45$ more on top of
    the 50$ for the new CoD

  75. Good Game Commander

    I can understand what you mean about the PC Community at times. Too often
    I’ve seen people ask about controller support in a game and rather then
    give an actual answer the forum will just pile on the person with a barrage
    of “Shut the fuck up and use the mouse”. I get that mouse and keyboard is
    more accurate, but if someone doesn’t like playing that way just shut up
    and let them suck if you really think that’ll be the result.

  76. So should i fuck off the pc version then?I can not be doing with little
    ball bags winding me up.

  77. omg, I want a black suit and red tie skin for roadhog so much now. make it
    happen blizzard.

  78. “Jim Sterling called the PC community shit!? I should prove him wrong by
    being an asshole in the comment section!”

  79. So wait you’re telling me Tracers booty has no impact on the game play at
    all!! I feel personally cheated.

  80. Frederic Fischer

    can i just say that i am a little suprised, that you liked the game? i
    can’t even put my finger on why you shouldn’t like it, i just felt like it
    wasn’t your kind of game.

  81. I bet you would get much more hate mail if you were talking thrash about

  82. So glad almost no one uses voice chat on PC heh.

  83. Your aim is shit.

  84. Aren’t you happy the kids are enjoying a good game?

  85. PC faithful. Come at me bro!

  86. I had the same impression with overwatch I just don’t have the money to
    buy the full version and also I don’t play much multiplayer so idunno if
    the price and amount I would play hold up for me

  87. Does this game not have a mute option?

  88. surprised you had issue with the pc community in this game. they seem
    fantastic from what i can tell. we had a group for 5 hours where we all
    were playing nothing but one character. 12 man winston was so damn fun xD.
    that being said watching your video for abit the console dosnt look bad =o.
    a tad slow but still looks like it holds up pretty darn well

  89. sexhaie or sexhale or sexhey or whatever

    also, reaper is the faggiest class out there for noobs

  90. Man many people sure have some insecurity issues about their preferred
    gaming platform

  91. Mercy is best. Also fuck the haters on PC Jim. I love you. <3

  92. I’m truly torn as to whether I should buy it on pc or console.
    The better aiming doesnt make a difference to me. And I have friends who
    play on both. IDK what to do!!!!

  93. but if you don’t play on PC how are you meant to see tracer’s arse at

  94. WOW… audio…instamute really…I cannot deal with hyperactive kid in the

  95. fuck the console bullshit ,its for people who cant afford a pc

  96. I actually liked this game a LOT.

    But I’m a TF2 fan, so it’s pretty obvious I’d like Overwatch, it’s clearly
    the biggest inspiration, even if OW has the MOBA skil system, etc.

    After playing 54 matches, I started to believe balance is actually pretty
    fine tuned, you just have to accept each character has a role and there are
    some hard counters.

  97. Can’t you just mute the voice chat on both pc and consoles?

  98. Cropper The Brit

    is this on ps4? looks sooooo slow moving and aiming compared to playing on
    mouse and keyboard

  99. I play LoL usually so its nice to play a game where I can lose whilst
    having fun and have a bad game without being told to kill myself

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