Overwatch Angry Review [RF]

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*Sry for FrameRate Drop & Quality, this review done while on a Family Vacation on my Laptop!* *Sample Text is supposed to Read the Review Score* Though is pretty funny as Overwatch = SampleText/10.
Reviews Blizzards first new IP in over years and their first FPS, how does measure up to the hype? Find out!


  1. i thought this review was pretty fair tbh

  2. “Sample Text” lmao!!!!!!!

  3. Joe’s community: “WHERE IS THE REVIEWS YOU FAT FUCK!”
    Joe puts out review*
    Lol joe can’t win

  4. God the fanboys are showing the salt all over the comments. It’s just an
    opinion. It’s not like Joe is holding you at gun point making you believe
    he’s right. Get over yourselves lol. Nobody cares about how long you played
    the game and how you have the right to say more about it. People these days

  5. His argument isn’t that it’s not free it’s that people complained about
    other games in the same boat but gave Overwatch a pass. Look at SF5 amazing
    gameplay but it was launched with very little content but oh Capcom said
    they will be releasing additional stuff for it. That didn’t stop reviewers
    from lowering the score, a lot of them even wrote this would be a 8 or 9
    but right now it’s a 7 due to the missing features that are coming but are
    not here. So why can’t Joe say that about Overwatch?

  6. I disliked because I expect better quality video and proofing before
    releasing a video that shows [Sample Text] in the end of a video from a
    channel with 2.5 Million Subs.

  7. All I see in these comments is “I’m entitled to *________*” Honestly grow
    the fuck up, if you don’t like the content then un-sub. If he wants to
    review a game, but doesn’t want to spend days on end putting together an
    Angry Review then I have no problem with it, because it’s still a review. I
    come here for his opinions on the game, I don’t really care how long it is.

  8. Wait,60 bucks for a multiplayer only shooter? No campaign mode and micro
    transactions? And no split screen so I can play with my peeps on my living
    room couch? I really wanted to get this game too,but it isn’t worth that 60
    dollar price tag,might wait til that price drops way down before grabbing
    this one. Yeah online multiplayer is cool,but I’m not crazy about playing
    online,and I don’t know that many people to play with online,most of my
    fellow gamers are people I know who game at each other’s houses. They
    couldn’t have had split screen,I know it isn’t popular nowadays but it
    would still be nice to have the option.

  9. Finally a review that nails it perfectly. All the blizzard neck beard weebs
    dropping their cheese puffs to type an angry message about how this game is
    reincarnation of christ but don’t look at the game having literally 2 game
    modes and then a weekly brawl.

  10. So is the dislike coming from the short “RF” review style or the Overwatch

  11. So, where’s our DOOM review? Our true savior of modern FPS games.

  12. let me get this straight: Star Wars Battlefront, Evolve and Titanfall get
    thrown into a lake of fire for not having enough content, but Overwatch is
    getting a pass because it’s blizzlol?

  13. timemadscientist Greatscot!

    How to fix everything joe talked about:
    1. remove price tag
    2. Add hats
    3. profit

  14. i dont understand the hate for the boxes, dont like them? dont buy them.
    its only cosmetics

  15. So do people just expect to get get games for free these days?

  16. If Blizzard added a Campaign mode to the game then it would probably be
    worth the 60$ Price Tag.

  17. LifelessGamer98

    So many butthurt fanboys XD

  18. Wow Joe’s a brave man to be honest with people in today’s market
    I get so tired of how religiously fans will destroy people for pointing out
    flaws in popular games
    *cough cough* fallout 4
    It’s nice to have at least a few reviewers who tries to stay neutral

  19. I don’t want to be that guy, but at 40 for PC, Overwatch is far from
    overpriced compared to… just about every other triple A out there.
    ESPECIALLY with free future DLCs.

  20. Why would you want singleplayer in Overwatch? Makes sense for Battlefront
    because Battlefront had a story in the games before. This is a moba
    shooter. LoL doesn’t have a story mode, why would this? lololol
    No moba type game has SP.

  21. It doesn’t matter if he’s on vacation or not, this is the 3rd rapid fire
    review in a row (2 of them being extremely good games). The last real
    review was in April. It’s June. This is just being lazy. 

  22. The amount of negativity this review got is pathetic. Either people
    batching because how dare angry Joe try a different format, or fanboys
    sucking blizzard’s dick so hard they can’t even see straight. I’m not even
    a massive fan of angry Joe, but this is ridiculous.

  23. And so Angry Joe falls in with every other reviewer. Putting as little
    effort into reviews as possible and making “reaction” videos for every new
    trailer. What a way to make a living (off your fanbase).

  24. mrtoolegittoquit2

    Quit your bitching you fanboy TARDS! It’s not a 10, get over it. This time,
    a reviewer doesn’t get paid to place a 10 on a game. This is how it should
    be! Good REVIEW!! And I could give a fuck about the QUALITY. I watch for
    the voice, not for some surrealist clips overlayed of
    OVERWATCH….JJGSONIC14 must be an AUDITOR or something…..”expect better”
    and has not a one video uploaded himself……LMAO!

  25. Honestly, I don’t like this new trend. I subscribed to you because I liked
    the style of 30-60 minute long reviews, in-depth explainations on why a
    rating is given and the gimmicky scenes in between. This new way of short
    reviews, Twitch streaming and movie reviews and trailer reactions is NOT
    what made you get 2,5M subs!

    Please do lengthy, in-depth reviews again! Bring back the real AngryJoe!!!

  26. Still no Doom?

  27. woah woah woah, let me pause at 3:05 for a moment. I absolutely ADORE,
    overwatch. I believe it’s a revolutionary thing that has come out these
    past 2 years.

    But what really killed me from the hype, was that there was no story mode.
    kinda different, but damn, it was enjoyable, it’s was awesome, exciting.
    That was the main thing I was hoping they would add instead of the beta
    being a legit test run of the game.

    Overwatch is fun, but what I believe is that overwatch has the potential to
    make one of the best stories in this decade of gaming.

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that, they could’ve made a kickass

  28. where are the dick sucking kids who still defend Joe ????

  29. Am I the only one getting sick of these rapid-fire reviews?

  30. Indranil Roy Chowdhury (Akash)

    I don’t want to disrespect you, Joe. But you have more than 2.5 million
    subscribers. You can’t casually review a game on a fucking vacation and
    using a shitty pc. You are totally out of form.

  31. BustyChicks FTW

    Disappointed by the quality of this review. Everyone’s defending him saying
    “he went on a family vacation”. Please, for fucking months he made 1 game
    review a month now he just bit his tail in his rhetoric and the fanboys
    come to the rescue.

    YouTube is his job, you don’t give shitty performance like that at a 9-5
    job, why should he give shitty performance like that at a YouTube job and
    it’s excusable? First the random movie reviews, then the “TRAILER REACT”
    videos now shitty game reviews.

    This game deserves a lot more than this so did Uncharted 4.

    You should change your name to AngryTrashShow.

    He even fucking stole clip segments from other YouTube videos lmfao. 13:11
    I saw the video before, this was in closed beta when Bastion had a shield.
    There is no way someone that played Closed Beta would not have played all
    heroes by now. I can’t recall where I saw the video before but he stole
    that segment, I saw it in another YouTube videos, exact same elimination
    and poor Bastion positioning.

  32. Overrated

  33. why so much hype for this? this is and have fun 1 hour the get bored…..oh
    Blizzard fanboys. ill pass..

  34. angry joe is the best

  35. Okay, first, the loot boxes make perfect sense, they can be earned for free
    and you only need to pay if you can’t wait, or if you are a youtuber and
    want a lot of easy views. Second, the pricing is GREAT “oh, multiplayer
    games like LoL are free!”, yes, and a legendary skin costs you 20 fucking
    euro… While in OW I got two legendary skins the first two boxes I
    opened… And yes, you don’t always have that luck, but you will get them
    all as you just play the game and level up, furthermore, do you know how
    expensive WoW is? It’s stupid expensive to play that game for a long time,
    yet no one bats a fucking eye, all the new content is paid for, even if you
    already spent hundreds of dollars just for playing the game, and at its
    core, the gameplay is very outdated… That’s why WoW is dying, maybe the
    price made sense when it came out, but today it’s just laughable, plus, 40€
    for Overwatch make sense, because the game costs money to make and
    maintain, and if the new content is going to be free, they need a source of
    income, so they push for a good price and include micro transactions, both
    of which I’m completely okay with as in 20 hours of game play I’m yet to
    experience a single bug or connection issue, things I can’t say for any
    other free game, or even full priced AAA titles. Third, you don’t want
    people to compare this review to others, because they are different games,
    yet the first thing you do is call out how this game is not being reviewed
    compared to other games, that’s hypocrisy if I ever saw it. And fourth, you
    bitch about things (yes, you bitch about things in this review, and
    nit-pick just because you wanted it to be different from others and get
    attention, when ultimately, you recommend the game for what it is) like
    saying the game has few maps or game modes, when a game like TF2, WHICH YOU
    COMPARE THIS TO, has the same amount, or even less content, I can’t
    remember anymore, with way worse gameplay, graphics, and everything
    overall, and TF2 was also a paid game when it came out… So this review
    makes 0 sense to me, and while the game is not perfect, it’s not nearly as
    flawed as you make it out to be…

  36. honestly the 10/10 is warranted for me because everyday i come home from
    school i play this game for like 2-3 hours and so do my friends. i agree
    that its overpriced but honestly the game is so good i dont care.

  37. Sorry but Overwatch is one of the “better” communitys out there? Are you
    crazy. It´s almost the same cancer as LoL or Dota. I really love the game
    but I hate every single one in the community. They nerf McCree now just
    because some noobs are not able to kill him. This community is shit. Shitty
    cancer. Bastion get two kills “nerf him”. Mei freaze two people “nerf her”.
    Man those shitheads are just bad at this game. And Blizzard even listen to
    those cunts. Love Overwatch but fuck the community so much.

  38. What is it with people wanting PvE/SP on every single game?

  39. Tjorben Eckermann

    Wow, im amazed how spoiled some people got with the entire f2p concept.
    Your critizism of the game basicly amounts to:

    -I dont want to pay for things, so even if its optional its bad

    -The game costs money and i dont want to pay for things

    -I dont like the stuff in the lootboxes

    -A first-person-online-team-shooter doesnt have a story mode (Seriously
    wtf?! thats like complaining that minecraft doesnt have a magic
    spell-combat feature, its just not part of the genre)

    -Trolls exist

  40. Fanfiction Scrutinizer

    The salty as fuck fanboys in the comments defending this trash game to the
    death just because Joe had the BALLS to go against the mainstream. I
    respect Joe immensely for that.

    I wonder how popular Battleborn would’ve been if had a shit tonne of
    advertising like Overwatch did.

  41. I’m honestly confused, why are people hating on Joe?

  42. Whats up with the new RF format? What does it stand for?

  43. jesterofdimensionz

    loot boxes just like bf4. who cares at this point? people keep buying the
    shit so it will never change, at this point its only gonna get worse. look
    at the new HITMAN

  44. are you doing a homefront review

  45. garbage game for garbage casuals

  46. Kraven Blacktail (Vicent the Sergal)

    The most overrated game of 2016

  47. I’d prefer Brattleboro, since it has an actual single player and story.
    Sadly it’s not offline, so it’s all a moot point.

  48. What’s with Joe’s reaction to 6.5 and a 7.4? ZOOMG IT’S NOT A 9/10 WHAT DO
    THEY THINK THE GAME IS SHIIIIT????????? Joe’s really having a modern day
    reaction to those scores.

  49. Thunderstrike60

    Can we stop with the rf reviews

  50. Gamers are so entilted. I “DESERVE” To have everyone of my gaming needs
    met. Of just a few are not met? People blast it.

  51. HipHopManStanMarsh

    Solid review, don’t think the RF format took away at all tbh, not sure why
    all these dudes are getting so butthurt. I guess they wanted you to
    dickride it for 30 mins not 14? Either way you made decent points about
    pretty much all aspects of the game so I see no issue. I kinda even prefer
    the reviews without the skits (most of which i find super ‘American’, like
    SNL. I respect y’all for liking it, but I straight up find it derpy and
    unfunny- with the very occasional exception).

    Either ways, keep up the good work Joe and don’t get stressed out by the
    people who are terrified of change. The dudes whining about RF are the same
    fucking people who start “don’t change facebook format” groups everytime
    there is an update, and then without any irony join the next “keep it in
    the new format which i initially was super against and don’t change it
    again” next update. People don’t like change, fuck ’em.

  52. Ethan Rajek (Twinclaw)

    Thank you for being honest. I enjoyed your review and I feel like your
    doing an amazing job. (I’m a nobody though)

  53. ifYouAreReadingThisThenYouAre WastingYourTime

    I want joe to do a video getting angry at kids who complains about RF

    I gotta admit, I also kind of hate RF reviews and i do understand that he
    have a life and he should have vacation sometimes, but if RF is the only
    way to show more reviews then I’m good with RF.

  54. I hate the status quo

    it depends on how much you think you are going to get out of this game , I
    know I will be playing this game hours on end. It is not the sort of game I
    will not get bored of fast, I can and will easily spend 100+ hours in this
    game. So the value proposition of 40 ( me being in the uk I actually have
    to pay 3 dollars extra , so I don’t get why you Americans are whining)
    bucks on pc is good enough for me.

    Blizz supports and updates their games for many years, so I know I can
    expect quality and content. Consoles on the other hand did get shafted a
    bit, that I won’t deny. Feels like console was an after thought for blizz.

    This is a fair review, I would personally rate the game a little higher,
    perhaps an 8 but this score makes sense for the game’s current content. If
    you like a game buy it, you don’t have to always listen to their opinion.

    I like all of Joe’s reviews, because I like him as an entertainer and
    critic , even if I sometimes disagree with his opinions. Critics aren’t the
    one all be all, they are their to help you with your decision, so if you
    came here just to look for someone who agrees with your opinion , you are
    at the wrong place that is not what critics are for.

  55. With play of the game all I see are torbeans smacking their sentry bastions
    in turret form or junkrats/Hanzos ultras

  56. You should not “main” any character. The game is based on being able to
    switch characters when needed.

  57. we need backstories to the characters !!

  58. He already said he was on vacation though. Y’all pushing it guys. Y’all
    hating just for the sake of hating.

  59. The one thing that Blizzard delivers is visual beauty. The other companies
    can’t compared to the art of this game.

  60. I liked the beta but it never really blew me away like the reviewers are
    saying, plus im addicted to Rainbow Six Siege so I might give it a go

  61. ThisNameIsBanned

    Blizzard seems to continue the trend to promote “unfinished” games.

    They should put in the content first, then release the game.

    Not release the game and “promise” content, thats garbage, and its just
    what countless others do with pre-purchase / early access shit aswell,
    thats not something i want to see getting promoted (its fine for a free to
    play title, its completly unacceptable for a high full price one).

  62. Butmen Teh Derp Night Rizes

    He’s complaining on loot baxes that they’re bad. it’s cosmetics. that’s it.
    It feels like he just needed a reason to hate on the game other than the

  63. Good review joe, I’d like a full review but I know there’s a lot of games
    to review this month. So take your time. ??

  64. There is an ranked mode, it was in the beta

  65. Doom review please!!!

  66. Guys my pc is so slow playing this game even with low quality, how cab I
    get it to play smoother?

  67. i hate blizzard fanboys as much as apple fanboys. they are sheeps.

  68. fuck this RF reivews! you are lazy it’s not that you don’t have time you
    are just lazy, your whole channel is boring now, you really were trying in
    the past but now you give us this pice of shit RF reviews! fuck no!

  69. John Henry Weber (Panda)

    Totally spot on. I love the game and I’m going to continue to play for a
    WHILE, but the loot system and lack of PVE bothers me… especially because
    of the fleshed out universe that Blizzard created in the cinematics.
    Honestly, why create such intricate story lines and not let players
    experience them?

    I really wish Blizzard would have just rewarded you with in game currency
    that you could spend on whatever items you wanted, or give you an option to
    sell items back. I’m swimming in sprays, and if I could sell them back for
    the duplicate cost I could afford the skins and animations for the
    characters that I habitually use.

  70. Xachery Plummer

    all of these dip shits telling Joe to stop complaining about these neck
    beard. hah! these guys couldn’t do half of the shit AngryJoe does. They’d
    quit if they had to deal with the stress of running a successful YouTube
    channel. These guys probably work at McDonalds or Walmart and think they
    know stress, pfft. He’s allowed to vent because you know what, unlike most
    of you keyboard warriors, he has something to be stressed about. Go get a
    life and let Joe do his thing. He’s alot better than any of you neck

  71. not sure why so many suck Blizzard’s dick… have everyone forgotten how
    shitty Diablo 3 was and still is? *sigh* you people are all a bunch of cock
    suckers… in the bad kind of way that is

  72. The first good review of OW I’ve seen. GJ being objective again AJ.

  73. Gee whizz this angry Joseph cardboard cutout fellow is being a whiny
    weenie. What a little bitch.

  74. inb4 butthurt blizz fanboys qq at why angryjoe didn’t give the game 10/10.

  75. ok…dislike…and unsub also…u became such a fucking bitch bro…u went
    from those fucking awesome reviews to some bullshit trailer reactions and
    more pointless reviews for which u get paid but ur fan base doesn’t give a
    fuck about those to this garbage…u from from a youtuber that had at least
    1 mil views for a review for the way u were making them to some
    fucking..narrative type of…bullshit…you fucking scumbag…chenged into
    a $ whore..fuck u ! from me and from the people that looked up to u ! fuck
    u ! BITCH

  76. ThePurplePanda 4

    here joe ill give you a like just for being a great guy. I feel like you
    dont get enough love lately and im kinda sad about it. so in posting this
    comment I hope others will join me and give you some respect.

  77. Are people really giving him a hard time for giving this a RF review? He
    literally just reviewed two games in one week, and hes even on vacation
    just wow…He usually only does two review every two or 3 months! Also, why
    complain about graphic quality of a review, if you want to see graphic go
    watch actual gameplay…I didn’t watch this to see the game in all its
    glory, I came here to see Joe’s opinion of how it was rightfully done or
    wrongfully done and disagree or agree with them. Pretty much the study of
    Ethics eh…why you making me study Joe?

  78. Marlon De Souza

    Honestly, I think Joe would get far less hate if he just took a break in
    order to come back later for proper full blown angry reviews, rather then
    just doing a half hearted RF review

  79. Lazaro Zambrano

    I feel you Joe. kids nowadays do not know what respect is brotha. Thanks
    for the video.

  80. Great work Joe, I’ll be honest this is worth the wait and I cannot wait to
    see more thanks for staying honest despite the crap that you should not be
    getting anyways hope to see you in the next thing you’re doing.

  81. Lol this community is fucked….I feel bad for Joe

  82. Oskar Kosznicki (Vaeth)

    Rapid Fire Reviews are like:
    (Quote) “Because Fuck You, give me money!”
    Sounds familiar?

  83. I see why you’re upset at the “value” of this game. It’s expensive for a MP
    only game. But you are reviewing a game. Not how much it costs. . This is a
    ridiculous line of thinking when games like CS, Rockey league, OW prove
    that good gameplay allows for endless replay ability which indicates good
    value. I really don’t mind paying 60$ when the game is this good because I
    know I’ll put a lot of time into it and I already feel I got my money’s
    worth. All the free updates, maps and chracters that will be added are just
    the cherry on top.

  84. Amateur gamer sedgie09

    You should try 6 Tracers lmao.

  85. Well, i think Angry Joe is right, kids only flames on his review because he
    did not make a full review on “just OVERWATCH”, because people are blinded
    by the hype, how about play battleborn and give it a chance? because it
    consist more rpg element, skill masteries and content . Be open mind and
    not close -mind! :), overwatch is good but not at the price now maybe when
    it lowers to the same price as cs:go

    Games i have played:
    all generation of Playstation games made from jap and west
    all generation of nintendo
    all kind of free korean free to play
    many kind of arena shooter
    Plant vs zombie :=)))))

  86. Great review Joe, Thanks.

  87. Sample text hehehehe

  88. I rate this sample/text

  89. BerSerKerBot2000

    I somehow feel that the people bitching about overpowered and unbalanced
    heros are the one’s that get shredded by Bastion players and complain that
    he’s OP.

  90. see you on the next (real) angry joe show… hitting youtube on holiday

  91. Ah Youtube comment section, the cesspool of the internet, at its finest. I
    hope you will go out more often and for longer now, because as you see,
    some entitlet twats are not worth it. The smart ones will understand.

  92. get battleborn. more content and better characters…actual CAMPAIGN. only
    faggot brain washed WOW fans play overwatch, I mean OVERRATED! shove it up
    your gay asses *faaaaaart*

  93. Keep doing your thing Joe but i need that Total War Warhammer review! Need
    that angry judgement before I buy it lol

  94. I’ll get this game once it’s $30 or less. And you know, after it has more
    modes than I have fingers. Otherwise, it looks like a casual game that I
    can just sit back and enjoy without really caring about what’s going on.

    I also hate all of the people calling this game the Team Fortress 2 killer.
    Seriously, Overwatch isn’t even on the same level as TF2. At least not yet.
    It has the potential to become something truly great, but as of right now,
    there’s no competition between the two. Team Fortress 2 has more content,
    and it’s free. Overwatch will really have to pump out new quality content
    if it wants to truly compete against TF2, and it needs to do so quickly. It
    took Team Fortress 2 nine years to get to where it is today. If Overwatch
    wants to succeed, it will need to add nine years of content in under two
    years. And even then, TF2 is still free.

    I just don’t see a future for Overwatch. Depends on how rapidly Blizzard
    updates the game, but as of right now, I don’t see how it can succeed
    beyond two years, let alone the nine that TF2 has enjoyed.


    Great video ?

  96. I don’t know why people thought this deserved a full review. Battleborn
    deserved a full review more then this. At least in Battleborn there was
    singleplayer. At least in Battleborn you knew every character allegiance
    and why they were fighting. None of that makes sense in Overwatch though
    (its still a good game though)

  97. This review gets 3 used condoms out of 2 half eaten pieces of fried
    chicken. Masterpiece.

  98. Overwatch sucks so bad its ridiculous. If you like this garbage game you
    are a pathetic loser. I am so sick of gamers with terrible taste in video
    games you are all pathetic.

  99. You are full of shit Joe . You just cares about reviews . Overwatch is

  100. I think the loot system is actually fair. It encourages new players to try
    out different heroes if they get a legendary for a new character and the
    currency you get you just use to get the skins you want. I think it fits
    the whole game where you really have to counterpick and not just play
    tracer or genji 24/7 cause if you just buy the skins for a specific
    character you would like to play that character even more and thats just
    not what the game is about.

  101. Well, even months later, that game hasn’t change much yet, maybe before december we will have something of worth.

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