Overwatch 2 – FULL Reveal Presentation | BlizzCon 2019

Jeff Kaplan presents Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019. Watch ‘The Story So Far’, the Overwatch 2 announcement trailer, and the gameplay trailer.


  1. Liked for the game and the devs. Not for the company.

    • Sh4rks Tooth but not supporting them means the people who did nothing wrong lose money and lose time that they spent working hard on the game

    • Tfw people treat blizzard like satan and boycott their games but turn around and get all their clothes and phones made in china

    • @Cory Bloomfield “We need to buy the game so the good employees get paid!” Man knock it off! What makes you not think that buying the game will hurt good employees even more? Boycott the games period, trust me boycotting Blizzard until Blizzard fixes their messes with help the good employees MUCH MORE than buying the games immediately.

  2. I hope this time, they at least give us a solo/coop campaign. That would be legit.

    • @SloanKetter44 and yet so many games have created amazing co-op/multiplayer modes, even thought their foundations hvae meen singleplayer mode. Why couldn’t it work the other way around? I think you shoule wait and see, instead of proclaiming the game bad immediately without trying it out.

    • KimPopGaming nah I’m good.

    • Thats what they’re doing

    • JUlmanen I didn’t “proclaim” it would be bad haha it’s easy to make me look wrong when you misconstrue what I said. I said most likely and I fully stand by it. Over watch the PvP failing compared to what Blizzard thought it would be and what it was when it first came out. Borderlands 3, Outerworlds, CoD I can guarantee these are better then Overwatch PvE. I’m also extremely right in my predictions for games and trust my opinion as I should because I’ve been proven right constantly in the past

  3. This shit made me cry on the gang

  4. This is not the real Jeff Kaplan,
    The real one would of said
    “This is Jeff from the Overwatch Team”

  5. Nearly came when Genji came out

  6. Genjis sword is a 1000 degree knife I love this new overwatch

  7. they should just make a movie at this point

  8. I really thought they were about to kill off Mei because of people turning her into a Hong Kong protester LMAO

  9. Genji joins the battle
    Genji after battle: Jeff u didnt see this u dont zave to nerf me

  10. I need crowd reaction when genji jumped in

  11. When Jeff pulled out his phone I thought…”oh no….no no no no nope nope no no!” XD thank god

  12. 7:50 thats actually a FAKE winston!!!! the REAL winston wouldve turned around and said “HI THERE.”

  13. Jeff Kaplan might just be the most sincere person left at Blizzard.

    • Nicholas Drake The devs and Jeff included, along with the game have NOTHING to do with the ban. Jeff isn’t the owner of freaking Blizzard. Also Hong Kong is just using Mei as their symbol of representation because she’s Chinese.

  14. Reinhardt: HAMMER DOWN!
    Me: slight moans

  15. I still think the “I have been called, I must answer” line from Reinhardt’s short is probably the best part out of any of them so far.

  16. 11:17
    How it feels when a fully charged Sym is melting your barrier as Rein

  17. Someone is pushing the payload now. My dreams came true

  18. I was so happy when he said cosmetics and everything will be transported to ow 2! Good decision Blizzard

  19. “Ice to meet you” like I’m so mad they let that line slip that better be a voiceline for him

  20. “Never accept the world as it appears to be. But don’t insult China.”

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