Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”

Stand together.

When Null Sector attacks, Winston assembles a small strike team to fend off the invasion. But as hope begins to fade, the team must stand together to overcome the odds.

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  1. Mei Liberated France, Now she’s off to Liberate Hong Kong

    • ArmedReject ????

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      @Saitama Productions I’m more real than you.

    • The sad part is the replies here. Apparently since it’s “just a comment” we should just be complacent? I’m sorry seeing people mentioning HK on the internet annoys you while you sit at home watching your anime vidyas. At least people are talking about it and getting the word out shaming the company and not forgetting about it. Way less selfish than you getting butthurt about seeing other people care about something you should too.

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      @Mr Vuck Fiacom No. The sad part here, is you.

  2. Null sector robot thinks he’s about to stop tracer

    Genji: *I’m about to end this omnics whole Career*

  3. Honestly if Genji wasn’t there, Winston would have died

  4. Imagine just getting on the switch just for there to be a sequel immediately after

  5. blizzard said “whats a hong kong”

    • @Josh Stewart relax soyboy

    • Josh Stewart no. I push for action upon the big corporations that fund countries like China. My individual contribution to this crisis is not to stop living my life and buying things for myself, but rather to help stop funding ridiculously large companies that promote MASS PRODUCTION of these products, support the restrictions of rights in China, and fund a government that quite literally steals the organs of their inhabitants.

      It’s so much more important to tackle the massive corporations that take advantage of China’s people, and contribute to the growing problems of worker exploitation, environmental unsustainability, and oppressive government restrictions.

  6. Excuse me, echo didn’t tell Winston Jesse said “Hi”

    – Mojo JoJo ?

  7. fornite: comes out with a second game

    overwatch: hold my genji

  8. 7:35
    mercy:”oh wait, we posing? lemme turn my wings on”

  9. “Weather is cloudy, with a 100% chance of….invasion”
    Yep, seems like France

  10. As a genji main, I nutted as soon as I saw him with that hoodie-thing

  11. *when genji, reinhardt, brigitte, echo and mercy came*


  12. police: does this mean overwatch is back?
    winston: yes
    police: ok then i have to take you all to jail

  13. Genji: *Deflects Null’s shots*
    Mercy: *Heavily orgasmic breathing*

  14. Genji’s existence steals the spotlight.

  15. When you’re in a tight spot and don’t have many players playing your game

    Blizzard:”let’s use a tracer recall”

  16. “Brigitte? Oh my gosh, you’ve ?????!”

    Tracer and redheads.

  17. Officer: “Does this mean Overwatch is back?’
    Winston: *turns around slowly and looks at officer* “No, we’re still illegal”

  18. Mercy: ” How are we going to stop this thing? ”

    literally just throw Genji at it. He is monstrously overpowered.

  19. Genji: Slices Hand in half

    Everyone else at laser tag: ?

  20. Inquisitor Ichijou

    Officer: “Is that a monkey?”
    That’s not a monkey, that’s a SCIENTIST!

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