Orangey Tangs: Jaffa Cake Monsters (Heaving Toy Chest)

In 1997, Jaffa Cakes launched a line of weird little koosh monsters called Orangey Tangs. I might be only person alive who cares.


  1. Casanova Funkenstein

    I remember these.
    I used to enjoy the sound it made when I plucked the elastic stuff

  2. Have a fun weekend everyone.
    Thank god for Stephanie Sterlings Heaving Toychest.

  3. Awww man I remember those things, the online game they had for them was great too.

  4. I remember playing with these and having literally no idea what they were. Thanks for solving a random childhood puzzle for me ^^

  5. I would watch a film in this style. Good on you Steph

  6. Had to watch just because I remembered having one as a kid only for a younger sibling to chew all its limbs off. Cain instinct was strong that day.

  7. The vintage commercials always put a smile on my face. One of my favorite things about this channel.

  8. It’s ok Steph. You could do a video on Jaffe cakes

  9. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person who’s Transylvanian accent dips into Jamaican from time to time.

  10. Oh god I used to have one of these!

    Also, Jaffa Cakes are amazing.

  11. For what it’s worth, which is virtually something I’m sure, this totally resonated with me. I’m pretty sure we had similar childhoods – pop culturally speaking – so I love seeing all these toys as I stare down the face of my own mortality. And since people older than me have hoarded all the money, it’s not like I’m gonna buy a shiny red sports car to mark the occasion, might as well go for nostalgia.

  12. Being at the relatively older end of gen z, these Heaving Toy Chest ™️ vids are always an…experience

  13. Pearlescent Eclipse

    I’m ancient too, but never got to see these being based in the US. Honestly many of these toys I’ve never really seen; the toys of yesteryear were so weird. Love this stuff!

  14. Have you ever looked back at children’s toys from the 90’s and just thought, “What the hell were these designers smoking?” 😅

  15. Steph, I’m a full grown adult and I watched you do this video.

    Don’t get mad at yourself, please?

    We had Smurfs, and the California Raisins. And the Noid. And trollz. (They raped us)

    I never knew these existed. Personally, I think they’re adorable. Tiang (sp?) is my fave.

    I’ve always adored your toy obsession. And I’m 40. So no complaining. Wear it like a badge of honor. Or a pretty ribbon? (I don’t effing care, just wear it)

    Happy Holidays Sterling.
    (Orange is my favorite color)

  16. Holy shit that “full moon” Jaffa advert, that brought back some powerful nostalgia.

    The sunglasses one of these was my most treasured possession for ages when I was a kid until it just disappeared into the ether somehow.
    Never quite got over it.
    They seemed to be popular at the same time when comic relief would release collectible red noses and they became a brief fad.
    British 90s childhood was strange man, those aliens in goo that you could supposedly breed were a bizarre craze. And walkers crisps having free pogs (or tazos I think they were known as) in them was most of the reason for my childhood obesity.

  17. So this is weird.

    I’ve had this username for about 20 years now and this is the first time anyone has ever acknowledged the existence of these other than me.

    “Who cares about this?”

    Me, apparently. And Ms Sterling. Seems like it’s an exclusive club.

  18. I do love a few good Jaffa Cakes now and then. I say a few, because it’s hard not to smash back half a pack, since they’re basically snack cakes.

    In fact, there was a court case involving Jaffa Cakes, since in the UK our VAT doesn’t apply to certain items. VAT is applied to biscuits, but not to cakes, since cakes are considered an essential or something. So McVities basically made a giant one to prove that Jaffa Cakes were indeed cakes, so that despite being the same shape and size as biscuits, Jaffas could be regarded as cakes in the eyes of the mighty taxman.

    The key is in how biscuits and cakes “degrade”: biscuits tend to go soft as they draw in atmospheric moisture, while cakes go hard as they lose moisture and dry out.

  19. The editing in this is genuinely lovely 🙂

  20. Stephanie doing a vampire accent and minutes after breaking down about them being an adult is just… I love you commanderu-chan ♥️

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