OpenAI + Dota 2

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  1. i make memes for a living

    The creep block is honestly beyond human comprehension.
    The zoning is crazy good.
    The cs is just insane.
    But can it type “?” in all chat?

  2. I’m sure this is VAC ban worthy

  3. Humans getting closer to elimination, any last words?

  4. Is this what Musk does with the $3 billion in our money / tax subsidies? MAKE GAMING BOTS?


  5. do they delay mouse/keyboard inputs to human speed?

  6. Wish this bot was public.

  7. This is a military project. Just dressed in friendly game “clothing”. But the results will be applied in the real world and military in a few years or decades. And that is really bad news.

  8. Can you guys fix the co-op bots in Payday 2 so they don’t totally suck?

  9. Hope we can get a game mode where we can practice against OpenAI 1v1 and 5v5. Gaben and Elon pls

  10. how about showing the real footage from start to end?

    ai is not so far advanced to win against a top pro player. this is just advertisement to get more funding and raise awareness of the brand.

  11. Why does he blink so much

  12. Valve let Open AI be in DotA 2 difficulty settings please,
    > Easy
    > Normal
    > Hard
    > Open AI

  13. if this leaks,many multiplayer online games will die.

  14. PS4 MASTER RACE just dropping by to shit on you nerds…

  15. All Hail Mighty Papyrus

    Trust me, if he successfully make a 5 super openAi, pro players can’t win.
    Its good for the last boss or for the grand finalist in international .


  17. Alexander Raptakis

    Imagine playing with bots in your team and they start flaming you

  18. This is amazing

  19. OpenAI as a project, I’m afraid, is quite futile. There is no way to build “safe general AI.’ There is no way to control something infinitely smarter than you. Besides this, openAIs strategy of giving general AI “superpowers” to everyone makes no sense. Similar to what Nick Bostrom has said, why would you give everyone, criminals, lunatics, etc. free access to nukes? When something is dangerous you try to contain it not give it to everyone. Doing so greatly increases the odds of an accident or hostile use.

  20. would love to see an open AI in every skyrim NPC.

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