One Of The Worst Asset Flips Of All Time Is Now A Nintendo Switch Game

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Time for a story about a good old fashioned asset flip, one that’s been rebranded and resolded in numbers only second to UnitZ. I am talking about Hammer 2: Reloaded, or as it’s called on the Switch, The Bullet: Time of Revenge.

Hammer 2 is an asset pack available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store. As a game, it can also be played for free on browsers. Unscrupulous “developers” take asset packs like Hammer 2, rename them, then offer them for sale as if they were original works.

The kind of trash that drowned Steam in filth is truly making its way to Nintendo’s platform now.

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  1. Christopher Needham

    wow, just when you think the video game industry can’t disappoint you anymore…

  2. WeaponOfMyDestructio

    This is like when the corner store sells damaged waitrose overstock to fill its shelves.

  3. Given all the indie games moving onto switch, something like this occurring was bound to happen. Shame, really.

  4. A flip of assets on my store, and let’s go!

  5. All games on Switch are “Nintendo Approved”.

    It’s just that in this case “Nintendo Approved” means that the Developers stuck a bomb under Doug Bowser’s car.

  6. Honestly, I’m still waiting for the Digital Homicide HD Collection.

  7. Makes me feel so sorry for all my developer friends who put thousands of hours of work into their games and put it out to a few hundred sales

  8. Sarasaland Subserviant

    Let’s just hope Switch never gets titles from Gilson B. Pontes.

  9. We’re gonna see Gunny Gunny Bang Bang on the eShop by the end of summer, aren’t we

  10. Nintendo Greenlight: Revenge of the Asset Fip

  11. There’s something oddly comforting to wake up to a video from Jim railing against asset flip abuse. It feels like old times.

  12. So basically Nintendo would allow asset flippers to put their “games” to their shop while shutting down all the actual good fangames that indie devs had actually put effort into it?

  13. the.great.below.

    There really does need to be some kind of rating system on the Switch.

    As it is now, I keep Opencritic fired up on my browser as I scroll through looking for Switch games.

  14. I bet, that someone, who watched this video, will buy the Assets, call it “Gunny gunny Bang! Bang!” and try to get it on switch, just to prove your point.

  15. There are three things certain in life: death, taxes and asset flips.

  16. At this point, as a software engineer i have to assume it’s intentional for these platforms. I can think of some pretty easy fully automated ways to flag potential asset flips. Here’s a really straight forward one:

    Spend a bit of time finding games like hammer 2, or unit z (the pareto principle would likely apply here, meaning you could reduce asset flips by 80% by just finding the most common 20% of sources), and store structure of the game somewhere in your system (doesn’t have to the be the full game, can just be hashes of the files and names in the same directory structure). Then, when anyone submits a game, have the system hash their game as well, and compare it with the known asset flip sources. If you exclude the files you expect to be shared (e.g. the core unity engine bits), and still end up with say 40-60% (the number could be tweaked) similarity between the uploaded game and the known flip sources, then flag it for manual review to make sure it’s not an asset flip. You could even have the automated system tell the human reviewing the game for flip which game to compare it with to save them time.

    It’s basically the same concept as the plagiarism detection system you find in schools, and by using hashes of the source games it wouldn’t be that computationally expensive either. I’m not a game developer and only have passing familiarity with game project structures, but i’m like 99% sure this would work and it would DRAMATICALLY reduce assets flips. This is a very basic idea, and wouldn’t even take that much engineering hours (most of the time would be researching the game sources and integrating the script into the existing game upload system. The script itself could be written in a day or two by one person it’s that simple), so if valve/nintendo haven’t done something like this by now, it has to be intentional.

  17. Slaughtering Grounds… Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time…

  18. Reading the end slate newspaper was oddly entertaining, more entertaining than an asset flip must be to play, at least…

  19. Funkle Stiltskin

    I’m off to “develop” Gunny Gunny Bang Bang and make a killing. Thanks, Jim!

  20. Everybody for the love of god read the “newspaper article” at the end of the video. You’ll thank me.

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