One Kalista Four Pentas

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  1. xD e penis grew so much that he unmuted them just to jack off to their reaction

  2. wp! u’re skilled! 🙂

  3. bitch better have my money

    Music is so cringy

  4. Typical reddit hate, just ignore it. Congrats on getting four pentas in one game. Plus eden <3

  5. you dont sell boots for a triforce on kali…. get a rageblade.

  6. Unmuting after penta hoping to hear praises lol

  7. when EU plays in NA

  8. eden is always a win

  9. Holy shit the amount of salty haters in here is L I T. These are all the silver players who are toxic every single game and think their teammates are the reason they’re in “elo hell”.

  10. How does this song even relate to this.

  11. Tell your mom about this, im sure she’ll be proud

  12. “I’ll only unmute my team after 3 penta’s in one game” Lmao what a god

  13. that last fight LOL

  14. What songs were in this video?

  15. Why are there so many dislikes? i really don’t understand… am i missing something? o.o

  16. might as well put jingle bells for your video because your songs are SHIT

  17. cringe music disliked

  18. +4 for each penta
    -4 for each terrible choice in song

  19. holy hell this music is garbage

  20. fucking awesome

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